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Telephone pricing study revealed – the desired model is worth a year


Like last year, the portal compares the most popular models of phones sold by price. The technical features have not been compared. It must be done by the user himself and judging his personal needs (using the same model for work, others for photography, the third for gaming and entertainment, and the needs are different). Telephone prices and differences in different physical and e-services were analyzed. in the stores.

The phone survey included the most popular and most popular models on the site.

The study gathered information from 13 phone dealers – the most popular online stores, mobile operators and physical stores.

The study compared the 28 most popular brands of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Xiaomi, Oneplus, CAT models.

The study showed that the maximum price difference could be as much as 100%. 2018 Samsung Galaxy A8 (32GB) was sold for 246 euros on Tele2. Meanwhile, Bitė sold the same model in its store for 499 euros. It is 253 euros or even 103 percent. more expensive than the competitor's price. Of course, mobile operators have their own additional terms, but the fact is obvious – telephone providers can count on big profits. Another similar case has happened to Telia. Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone at Telia cabin costs 799 euros, while in store it's only 440. It's even 359 euros or 81.6 percent. difference

The research also revealed patterns priced at almost all stores. This is the new iPhone XS phone, with a price difference of just 10 euros or 0.9 percent. The lowest price is 1169 euros and the maximum price is 1179 euros. This is a new model and over time the price difference can change. The second version of the iPhone XS Max also avoids the price girls. The lowest price is 1439.99 euro, the highest price is 1469 euros. The difference is 30 € or 2.1%. These are new models and this price dynamics should not be very surprising.

The study showed that the most expensive phones are sold by mobile operators. Bite also sells 21 models at the highest price. Telia – 11 models have the highest price, Tele2 – 4. True, Tele2 also sells 4 models at the same lowest price even in comparison with e-commerce. shops. is at the lowest prices – up to 10 models. From and there are 7 models. Interestingly, from this trinity is just a model behind "", and also sells 6 models at the lowest prices. Surprisingly, though, the cheapest prices on, which emphasize marketing, managed to offer only 2 models at the lowest price.

Most prices jump on Samsung phones. On average, the price difference is 59.1%. (8 models participated in the comparison). The most stable prices are Apple's products. IPhone models vary by an average of 19.6 percent. (6 models compared to the study).

Why do mobile operators sell their phones so expensive? This is the thrill of their marketing campaign. Obviously, discounts apply when the user signs certain service contracts for a limited period of time. Even with the sale of a discounted phone, mobile phone operators can still make money from it. As a result, prices are high enough. Separately compare the prices of three major LT operators along with the plan: Telia, Bitė, Tele2 – the best prices found for Tele2 – the 14 cheapest positions from 28. Best prices are considered by Bitė – 15 positions from 28 more expensive than competitors. Tele2 is the only one of three major LT operators selling phones at different prices in physical stores and e-shops, which obviously encourages online sales.

Interesting fact – "" el. The store managed to find the least of the models in the study. This may be a coincidence, or the marketing strategy is traded on lesser-known or older models.

After the study you can make some more interesting conclusions.

Get the most of your savings with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S7

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was one of the most popular and most announced phones in 2017. The lowest price in 2017 was € 599 when purchased on This year this model was the cheapest to buy for 425 euros in the Tele2 store. This means saving 174 kr. Or 29%.

28 percent Save to buy another incredible Samsung Galaxy S7. It should now be classified as a middle class with the technical features, so it would be good to play games, do things for people, surf the Internet. In 2017, "" was the cheapest on this phone for 439 euros, and this year the lowest price in the store was € 317.99. This would save you 121 euros per year.

Buying iPhone X would save you a little …

Apple phones are not only high but also stable. Those who want to save money should look for models that are not two years old. They are also good because iOS is updated to the latest version almost every year so you will not talk about Android phones.

The IPhone X was cheaper this year for € 992 in the store. Last year, this model cost 1168.98 euros (""). Only 176.99 euros or 15 percent can save this. Another popular Apple phone, iPhone 8 (64GB memory), also fell a bit during the year – only 17 percent. In 2017, the cheapest model could be purchased at 807 euros in the Tele2 cab, and this year, and offered it for 666 euros. It is 141 euros or 17 percent. less than last year's price.

Quite a lot if you buy iPhone 7. In 2017 it cost 613.99 ("") and the year's lowest price is 477 euros. ( Save 22% or € 136.99.

Chinese phones have also fallen in price

Chinese phones are still in popularity in Lithuania. Huawei's highly advertised models can be highlighted, even though Oneplus and Xiaomi continue to work. This year, Huawei surprised the world with the Huawei P20 and its further versions, P20 Pro and P20 Lite. Their prices will be comparable only next year, but now it's clear that the Huawei P10 model costs 457 euros in 2017 (, and it costs only 337.99 euros (in the same This saves € 119 or 26%. from the price of the previous phone.

If the same trend persists, the popular P20 model, which costs 459 euros this year ( and, can be 25% next year. the cheapest – in theory can cost 345-350 euros. Of course, this is just speculation, because it's all due to the aggressiveness of Huawei's new models of supply and marketing.

"This phone pricing was tested for some other purposes. We wanted to see which physical or email stores sell the same models cheaper, and which are more expensive. Not surprisingly, because mobile operators Bite and Telia still sell phones at a rather high price (without contract and other obligations.) An exception to the exception is Tele2, which offers some models even cheaper than other e-mail. Stores. Cheapest E-commerce The store's triplet is similar to last year's "", "" and "Varle .lt. "Global surveys and surveys show that phones are replaced every 2-3 years, because it's just the time that the phone's technical features are outdated and no longer meet the needs. As a result, we look forward to the next year's survey to see if 2-year models will still be competitive, "says Arūnas Vizickas, Head of

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