Friday , August 12 2022

Smart ID is already available to customers from another bank


Luminor Bank continues to simplify its services in the Baltics and presents the first smart banking tools. Luminor | DNB and new Luminor customers can subscribe to e-mail from Thursday. Banking and Confirmation of Orders with the Smart ID Gadget on Your Phone – Downloadable from Google Play or App Store, as described in the bank's press release.

"From now on, to connect to the Internet or a mobile bank and complete operations, it's enough to have a smartphone smartphone. That means you can say goodbye to complex passwords and you do not need to carry a code card or code generator Identification with the gadget is safe and fast, it is already used by more than a million consumers in the Baltic states. Customer identification is simple and has an intuitive user interface. Smart ID meets the needs of the next-generation consumer for the needs of the next generation – we integrate intensive banks into the Baltic states and approaching it, "says Evaldas Ruzgys, Head of the Luminor Bank Digital Channel Department.

Identity Confirmation with Smart ID is only protected by two PINs known to the customer – PIN1 (at least 4 digits) and PIN2 (at least 5 digits). The customer who created the passwords is responsible for storage and non-disclosure to other persons.

Lumino's customers can also confirm their identity using other methods of identification – mobile signatures and other emails. Signatures, code generator and code cards. The Smart ID solution will use more than 800,000. bank customers in Lithuania.

The Estonian company SK ID Solutions, which created the gadget, develops international identity identification solutions. The Smart ID gadget uses over 1.25 million. customers in the Baltic States. Last month, the apple was approved for 18 million. transfers. The gadget is free for accommodation. It is possible to confirm identity not only via email. bank, but also with other emails. services (such as signing documents on the Dokobit platform).

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