Monday , April 12 2021

Patience cup goes over: several schools in the country begin an endless strike

Several countries launch an unlimited strike on Monday, protesting against the introduction of full-time teacher education.

The strike-making union said on Monday that teachers from the six schools, the teachers of Vilnius Continental Projection, Klaipeda Kindergarten Želmenėlis, Panevėžys Rayon Veljus, Kalvarija and Zarasai "Ozolas" Gymnasium and Kuršėnai Pavenci School Multifunctional Center should be struck.

Later this week, more educational institutions will join the strike – in total, according to the Lithuanian Union, about 80 educational institutions will join the strike here and next week.

There are over 2000 educational institutions in Lithuania.

Representatives of the Lithuanian Educational Labor Organization organizing the strike claim that, due to ongoing educational problems, Minister Jurgita Petrauskienė should take responsibility.

The main requirement for demonstrators is to change the system of paid compensation. According to Erika Leiputė-Stundžienė, Vice-President of the Union, the teachers' work is calculated in minutes.

"It happens that teachers do not have to do the work they were required to do last year, although they no longer need to repair school books to prepare for lessons," says one of the strike organizers.

However, according to E. Leiputė-Stundžienė, striking teachers are not inclined to pay, but they must be clearly regulated.

"It must not be more than 18 contact hours and 18 hours for training, correction of workbooks for information about parents etc.", – she said.

According to the information from the Ministry of Education and Science, after the reform of teacher compensation, their wages increased almost throughout Lithuania.

"Most schools have arranged payroll systems, signed contracts with teachers. As the salary analysis shows, teachers' average wage increases in all municipalities, an average of 14 percent in Lithuania," says Arminas Varanauskas, adviser to the education minister.

Representatives of the ministry promise to visit dental schools and talk with teachers. In this way, one will try to find the situation regarding compensation, allocation of fees, calculation of remuneration and other problems that arise during the training.

Representatives of the Strike Union promise to end the strike only when an agreement and documents are available.

Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis confirmed the unbeatable educational strike. According to him, the growth of average teacher compensation after the introduction of the compensation "sufficiently solid".

In September, a new model of teacher compensation was introduced. The lesson for paying teachers was changed by hourly salary – the teacher's post is 1512 hours a year. His working hours are divided into three parts: contact hours, lessons, preparation for them and work for society.

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