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Panic for child abandonment does not end there: there are widespread tips on how to "protect" the services


Need a quiet conversation

Last week, the portal wrote that social networking spread a supporting letter written by neighbors to a younger family. Letter from the apartment building says: "We wanna warn you because patience is over. Your constant cry and your children cry from morning to night and at night is truly indescribable! You can not control yourself! You do not usually speak, you are always complaining about Your children! It is normal for your children to behave in the same way. From the very first hours of your family you are sad. If you do not change your behavior, we will turn to the police and the Children's Inspectorate. "Neighbors."

The anonymous neighbor's letter was written with another grammatical error. The mother of the young mother did not respond to these warnings. A woman urged their neighbors to ensure that their children did not use violence in their family.

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The police, who commented on the portal, assured that after receiving such a letter they should not be thrown in the trash, but worth saving. How to decide if such anonymous letters warn for serious intentions, or is it just no joke for people to do? Although policymakers who do not know the personal circumstances and the communication of all circumstances and neighbors are difficult to assess the gravity of the situation, they still have tips. "After receiving such a letter, the person must carefully assess whether the problem has occurred or if a certain description of the problem really exists. We recommend saving this message, not leaving, to stay," said Simona Ludavičiūtė, chief secretary for the police department's communications department.

Specialists in the National Children's Protection and Adoption Service (VVTAĮT) also shared tips on how families of small families can handle this case on Monday.

On average, we receive about ten anonymous calls per week for possible violations of the child's rights.

"First of all, if the family provides adequate childcare, there is no violation of children's rights, we recommend you to respond calmly to the current situation and seek a common dialogue and unity between neighbors. It can be concluded from the parents' response to the neighbors who accuse him because this consensus is sought because in the answer the family situation is explained, urged to speak calmly, solve this situation in a peaceful and benevolent way, "- wrote in a letter sent to the VVTAPR portal.

Both police officers and specialists from the SAICs also acknowledged that neighbors' reports on potentially inferred children's rights and their insecure family environment in recent months have increased. "Specialists in Kaunas City Children's Rights Protection Division have recently received more reports of alleged violations of child rights in comparison with previous months. It is remarkable that there is no need for the person reporting the violation of the child's rights to indicate that they are contacts. Therefore, information about the speakers is not accumulated. We get about ten anonymous calls for possible violations of child rights, which we do not all confirm ", – wrote in a letter sent by Valdis Dirginčienė, representative of the Treasury Fund.

When complaints about children's noise at home and their potentially unhealthy environment occur, professionals consider that they respond and investigate cases, taking into account the child's threats. "Children's rights specialists assess the child's level, visit the child's home, communicate with the child, their parents (guardian / guardian), and evaluate other information related to the child and his / her social environment. The risk for the child may also be undefined (indefinite and in cases where the report on the alleged violation of the child's rights has not been confirmed or there are not so many risk factors for determining the first or second level of the threat to the child), the report is terminated ", – it is stated in the statement of service.

Has arranged six tips

While responsible professionals are talking about seeking compromise and calm answers to the letters of threatening grants, there are other tips in the virtual space. Within a few days, more than 5,000 sessions received brief rules on how to react when VVTAĮT and the police representatives complain about the door of the family.

It is true that these tips for parents of toddlers caused double feelings: some are happy that "if they accidentally had to deal with VVTAEP representatives, they would have a kind of elbow", while others doubt that it is so easy for the officials to block the door before the nose.

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The preamble states that the rights of the person who lives in the apartment or private property without access to a court order can not be reached by children's specialists or police officers. Private service representatives may not even be permitted to influence the sanctions.

The entrance says that the court decision should also be read very carefully – the judges may only take the measures listed in the decision, and if you do not agree with the court, you can appeal it within seven days.

"No one may require you to immediately go to the vote" want to talk "or the like. For the inquiry, request a daydream sent (your status must be entered in the survey) and you have the right to go to the attorney with a lawyer. a lawyer and visit him. Time, for example, a week "- it is recommended and reminded that over time it will be possible to relieve stress after thinking about what to speak and defending his position.

The tip shows that a family member is entitled to request a question or interview with officials to record or make an audio recording. "It is highly disciplined by civil servants and there are fewer human rights violations," he said.

After communicating this information to the portal, Mantas was sure he could not afford. "A week ago, I watched the Internet and suddenly saw a photo shared by a man with tips on how to deal with the unexpected encounter with child protection staff and police. After reading this and a little interested in the Internet, I had the impression that these suggestions sounds logical. I did not want to wait to share my own Venta ads! With other people in the city – the reason I shared this post and demanded the spread of advice as much as possible by Mantas. I'm one of the people who do not trust the authorities in words and special actions. The future. "

Police officers have promised to answer questions as to whether virtual space advice is in line with reality.

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