Tuesday , August 16 2022

Karbauskius has sworn to his honor: he has two messages to Bacchus


"I know the chairman of the committee. It coincides with the opposition's view that information about what the committee itself did not have to be available to anyone. It is very important that she finds the way to the new Commission. She would at least find him – she gave no committees she would give the authorities, says R. Karbauskis on Wednesday after the group meeting in Sejm.

He said he did not understand why Buck did not want the new investigation to continue. There is only one member of the group who views this view, and everyone else supports the survey.

"I do not understand the position. I read the publications and his statements, they surprise me and the group members that they are in doubt. He is the same member of Sejm as anyone else, and doubt whether a particular commission can get information from the services I do not understands, "says Karauskis.

According to him, the new Commission Sejm's mandate to work, as did with NSGK, when it conducted the survey.

"I understand the name Candice name. I agree that maybe the group could consider this person. (…) Perhaps the change would benefit the Commission itself. But by saying the truth has a member of Seima's all states, nobody has taken anything from He has not been accused of anything, just a negative opinion about him in public space, so this may have a negative context in this commission. With these arguments, I would agree that this is a matter that may handled, says Karbauskis.

There are no reasons why you should go

The Fraction Leader sees no reason why Bac could not continue to work in the "peasant" fraction.

"We have never left behind the difference in views from the fraction. We remove those who attempted to separate the fraction from the fraction, or there were other efforts that are incompatible with the fractional work," Karbauskis said.

He recalled that such a situation with V. Baku is no longer the first time.

"You remember when the commission was formed, he said he would leave the fraction if that commission would be. The Commission found that it did not disappear from the group, that's exactly the same, I imagine its position now. He defends her, he defends It's sharp, but it's the position of two people. We only respect this position, maybe rhetoric is not very understandable. But we are a democratic group, and because of the perception, a person from our group has never been eliminated, says Karbauskis.

He also does not believe that there is an exceptional personal tension between Baca and Agnė Širinskienė.

There is no tension between the two members of Sejm. Simply A. Širinskienė is the Commission President, she does the work ordered by her commission. It may seem like there is a tension between the two members of Seimas. But this is a thrill because the member of Seimas believes it should not have been such a commission, now it is not necessary to provide information to it, but there is no conflict between the two members of Seimas, says R. Karbauskis.

Bacon's argument that "peasants" have forgotten the values ​​they came to Seimas, he accepts as his personal opinion.

"I do not understand what the commissioning is and its work is related to certain values," says Karbauskis.

He recalled that the law, according to the consequences of the study of NSGC, was drafted by the government's working group.

"They have not yet been physically present, they just have not been able to prepare them, but I can make sure that all legislative proposals recommended by the committee (…) will be submitted, we will accept them in Sejm.

What values ​​can we say if we assume there will be no such laws and that Seimas does not accept them? This is a misconception. I can swear to my honor that the laws will be in Sejm. If the government does not, we will do that in Sejm, says Karbauskis.

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