Tuesday , August 16 2022

Herb smoke will cost Ms. Mushi expensive: she received an additional certificate from NASA


Because the US Space Agency NASA has decided that "security certification" for both contractors plans to conduct pilot space flights – Boeing and SpaceX. The reason for this extraordinary certification, according to the Washington Post, was the marijuana swing that E.Muskas fails at recording. a podcast.

According to William Gerstenmaier, Chief Operating Officer of NASA Space Flight Operations, this certification will be "quite invasive", with hundreds of employees from different hierarchy levels from different jobs being interviewed. The certification will be carried out in the next few years, during the interview, any questions related to the safety of aerospace may be asked.

At present, Boeing and SpaceX compete hard for which company will first conduct tests for its missile-flying people – it is expected that both companies will launch pilot flights in 2019. In the middle Both companies have not yet performed critical preparatory trials – flight stops and unmanned test flights – without which the SpaceX Dragon or Boeing Starliner capsule can not be tested with real people inside.

The "Security Culture" test is performed even though NASA has collaborated with Boeing for decades and with SpaceX for 10 years, from the moment it was founded. NASA's engineers and managers are well aware of how companies operate and what their features are.

"For years, our engineers have worked with NASA, developed a strong partnership and collaborated in designing Dragon Capsules for the crew, one of the safest and most advanced human space systems. In addition, SpaceX promotes workplace safety and is convinced that our universally used non-drug professionals and drug-free workplaces are beyond the requirements of the agreement. We are very proud of everything we have achieved while working with NASA, and we are waiting for the United States to regain the ability to fly to space, "said the official SpaceX statement.

At the same time, NASA spokesman, explaining the reasons for certification, said that NASA should be an example not only for itself but also for its entrepreneurs. "If I see that something is wrong, that's the biggest problem I have: What kind of culture has become wrong and is NASA related to it?" As an agency, we show an example not just for ourselves but also for our entrepreneurs. show the American public that the astronauts we plant on the rocket will be safe, "said NASA administrator Jim Bridensine to journalists at the Washington Post.

And this is a rather strange NASA leader's position by knowing that airline contract with SpaceX and Boeing has been signed to complete dependence on Russian Soyuz missiles that are still the only vehicles that can currently deliver astronauts to the International Space Station.

The last two occasions when NASA planted its astronauts on missiles had serious problems. Two months after the arrival of the "Soyuz" cargo capsule in June, the International Space Station found the crew a small hole fired. Representatives of the Russian space industry have not yet been able to clearly state how the hole in the capsule occurred and even had the hypothesis that NASA's own astronauts could have drilled this gap in space.

In October, the Soyuz missile could not start a capsule with a two-man crew – the flight was interrupted by an accident, and the capsule of people landed in "ballistic mode". Less than two months after the last event, NASA representatives announced that it was reassuring the security of Soyuz missiles and that the next flight to TKS was scheduled for December 3.

So far, it is difficult to say how this extraordinary certification can affect the scheduled time for commercial pilot flights to the space station. Because both companies need to make further efforts to meet NASA verifiers expectations. In addition, if any errors are discovered during the inspection, companies will need to negotiate with NASA for the time to eliminate these shortcomings.

One of the anonymous sources commenting on the motivation behind NASA's certification was that the agency was already excited about SpaceX's working culture – from overtime worked by every employee of the company to Elona Musco's behavior in public. SpaceX is like a student dormitory. And NASA – the old man buried in the opposite street, screaming at the students, does not notice his lawn ", – the situation was illustrated by an anonymous source.

It seems that the old man was afraid to scream – he asked the trustees to help.

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