Sunday , May 22 2022

For the thought after the match – a record penalty for Stumbro coach Barrett


On Friday afternoon, Stumbras received a letter from the Disciplinary Board of the Lithuanian Football Association (LFF) informing them that a fine of 500 Eur and a discussion against a match were issued to the public's spoken thoughts to the educator M. Barreto.

Although this decision of the LFF Disciplinary Committee could be appealed to the LFF Board of Appeal within seven days, Stumbras had no complaint pursuant to the complaint, as the club received notification of the decision by email on Friday before the end of LFF's opening hours.

Kaunas Stumbras does not categorically divide this decision, which is not foreseen and will appeal to the LFF Appeals Committee. But on Sunday A league match, Stumbras must go without Barrett.

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