Monday , August 8 2022

Edmundas Kucinskas: When the "Me Too" movement began, it slept restlessly


"When all these" Me Too "movements started, I sleep a lot every night. I'm still thinking if the deadline has gone or not," said the singer and laughed at the studio "Good evening show".

According to TV3's press release, a speech about love, women and flowers, Edmund remembered youth's love and what statements she had been made to impress her girlfriend.

"There was a café" Klumpė "in Palanga. We celebrated my girlfriend's birthday. We have been with her for about a year. To show how much I love her and how long I will be loyal, I get a piece of a glass cup and break it down, "- said the singer.

Justin Jankevicius, Program Manager asked why Edmund was not very active in social networks, the artist acknowledged that he was trying to "make friends" with feisbuk but not very successful.

"I tried to be active in social networks. I thought I needed to be modern and I got a feisbuk. I have taken all five consecutive friendship, five thousand. But I saw that I needed to work there, I needed to write, I needed take pictures, but I could not write anything … But one day someone blocked that fezebus. And thank God that he has blocked, you do not need anything. "- E. Kucinskas shared the fun experience.

Significantly better than social networks, Edmund makes good communication with the public. Not only does he like it but will also be good, the singer was demonstrated in the same studio – when he performed songs he went boldly to the audience, immediately communicated with the audience, saw the women and shocked them.

"I love communicating with the public. Communicating with the public is an integral part of the concert. You have to prepare the audience for each song," says E. Kučinskas.

More interesting things from Edmund's interview and his challenges – Wednesday at "Good evening show" at 19:30. just through TV3.

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