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Characteristic roles of G. Maciulevičius in the kitchen (recipe)

Colored palette of roles

"I've been playing for the 37th season since 1982. When I started working in 1982, I played 3250 games so far, and when it comes to publishing the article, it will add a little more," he's surprised by impressive numbers ". I would start working as a killer of the old generation, Teatralbum: I used to mark everything in the notebooks earlier and now I have described the computer theater, what I played, how I and my colleagues did what was good or bad, what experiences happened and it is very interesting to me.

Not only the media, but also his colleagues G.Maciulevičiai, deserve to call the legend of Kaunas Musical Theater – he already plays with third generation actors, it would be difficult to mention at least one achievement that does not include his name on the list of artists. Operetta, opera and even rockopera, child performances and recent popular musicals – G.Maciulevičius tried in all musical theater genres, and his talent was repeatedly appreciated by Lithuanian theater art and state awards.

"For over 15 years, I've only played the main roles: Higgins, George Musical" My Beautiful Lady ", Aizenšteinas in Operetta" Bat ", Dr Barlow in" Sevilla's Hairdresser ", Prime Minister of" Vienna Blood "and other roles. Everyone is to me. Expensive but similar to my character – I often felt jealous of those artists who had glamorous subordinate roles. Today I think of them – Pelican, Administrator of the "Green Parrot" Restaurant in the Opera Circus Princess, Uncle Foolin, for the musical "Adam's Family." Each role – Different character, creative expression, it sometimes requires much more effort than playing a ridiculous baron or awning, "says G.Maciulevičius, known worldwide in the world of music world, as well as one of three artists of the band "Baritona's trio", the international festival "Opera in Kaunas Palace", director of art, recently. He is still studying language for students at Vytautas Magnus University Music Academy.

Grandma School

How do you guess, adjust when you rest? It turns out that the more you are busy the more you guess, but relax, get a good mood and sometimes creative thoughts go Gediminas to the kitchen. "Cooking has always been a passion for my life, of course, after the theater," lips the conversation.

He says that after spending a little while with his grandmother he was a mother, and she was a great hostess. The child quietly liked how the work melted in her hands: how she floured the flour, peanut butter, shook her. She looked, but she did not participate in the process. According to the singer, this passive observer's role has drawn him, so it's not accidentally that culinary has become his favorite. On the other hand, learning to produce has made life.

"I have been to school for the nineteenth century – with my wife Birute, we have been together for 43. We used to feed children so while I was still a student at the Music and Theater Academy, I cooked omelets, pancakes, cobbards," says Gediminas , preparing to eat young children with pleasure today "Parents' work, Birute teaches that there is not enough free time, and to me it is a great pleasure. The grandchildren are close to my home so they are often rushed to eat. "

G.Maciulevičius culinary discoveries – like the latest roles on the stage of the theater – are characteristic, versatile: he can make miroshine, herring and soup and meat dishes or dumplings. Love, beauty, inspiration, according to the singer, are the main ingredients. Gediminas avoids experiments and challenges to the stomach: his culinary basis is based on the mother's mother's traditions, and both he and his family value good soda but different foods from the usual products.

Frequent guest on the market

"Earlier, Easter, Christmas and other major family holidays were prepared by a grandmother. I have recently taken over this tradition. I always produce a small number of different types of butter: with dried barjaki, carrots, seeds etc. My relative will not understand me if the carcass is not filled on the table and fried "seated" chicken-drained and ground chicken on a large mayonnaise jar of water and an oven that was heated in the oven for about 2 hours. My passion is meat dishes. I specially produce piquant adzhik sauce, called Gediminas, the only the dish like spices just salt, pepper, sometimes pouring herbs, soup with laurel leaves, sliced ​​pepper. – In the broth always lay the onion with the peel – it gives a beautiful golden shade, I'm taking parsley, celery, carrot – the mushroom is sweeter. "

According to G.Maciulevičius, in their kitchen carrots are the most important vegetables. They fit anywhere: give delicious, soft, spicy spices to the counter and decorate with a very beautiful orange shade. The soloist is convinced that the food should not only be delicious, sophisticated, but also look beautiful – to delay, wake up the appetite quickly and always try to place the food in the plates as beautifully as possible to decorate it.

Almost every Saturday, the singer can be seen at Pilies Market – where he usually purchases various vegetables and orders the meat, poultry meat to a farmer holding an organic farm, not just for himself but also for the families with children.

"I got it: 3-4 filled frames I put together for 1-1.5 hours, I'll also get rid of dice from 8 chickens," laughs the toy. "Last time my idea is fixed – Confection: Do not cook – it takes time, skills but with delicious kebabs, pastries, pastries. The most popular spicy confection is the simple and very fast-made spotted dough with apples."

Mum's dumpling soup

For inspiration:

600 g of beef or turkey,

1 onion

3-4 garlic clove,




380 g flour,

130 ml of water

1 egg


For the sultan:

1 hen

3 liters of water

2 carrots

¼ celery root

parsley root

little onion


3 scented black pepper,

2 laurel leaves.

Boil the broth. Rinse chicken meat, cut into pieces, put in a pot, pour cold water and boil. Pull out the raised foam, then add chopped spicy vegetables, spices and cook on low heat for about an hour or until the meat becomes soft. Remove boiled meat. Prepare the filling. Mix ground beef or turkey with chopped onions, garlic, spices. Bring elastic, soft of pastry flavors. Screw it into the food film and allow for an hour to swell, then roll a thin sheet out of it and squeeze the small circles on the diameter. Place on each roll a spoon filled filling, moisten the doughs around the meat with a little water and flush half the edges. Well, if you have a form of mold making, your work will go faster. Place the finished dumplings in a boiling broth and boil for about 7-10 minutes as it rises to the surface. Serve in mushrooms with broth, season with freshly chopped parsley, sour cream.


1 kg of oily lamb,

6 big carrots

2 large onions



several laurel leaves,


tomato sauce.

Cut the meat into medium sized cubes and grease it in a frying pan. Make carrots and light bulbs tightly. Let the meat boil with boiled juice and juice, add the spiced vegetables, add spices, pour it with water and simmer for about an hour on a slow fire. Boil the rice separately. Extract the meat with rice and season with tomato sauce.

The bull is full

"We need carcasses, smoked ears, heavy, dried plums, salt, pepper, herbs, garlic. There are no specific quantities of the product – every time I make different," the singer says.

Long, thin and very sharp knife, without cutting the frames, remove the leg. Fold the meat upwards and sprinkle with spices – salt, pepper, garlic, herbs and then turn the skin back. Fill the same knife in different places on meat at different places – insert smoked tongue, ear rings, dried plums. Fold the meat in the gauze, pinch as hard as possible – otherwise cut a troké. Shake a folding frame for 1-2 days, marinate, cook then. Make sure you add spicy vegetables to the broth. Boil for an hour or more – depends on size. Remove the meat from broth and hide under heavy objects. What gets heavier, the basket becomes more coherent. "You can eat a cadaver warm, but in our family it's a cold snack," says the soloist.

Gedimino coffee

1 liter of water

5-6 tablespoons of high quality coffee,

a teaspoon of cocoa

sugar to taste

pinch cinnamon

Add coffee, sugar, pour water and cook to a special pot for cooking. When the foam comes out, remove from heat, add cocoa, cinnamon and boil again. When the foam is raised, remove the pot, wait until it snaps back and overheats – it also does 3-4 times. On the surface of the coffee a tight foam forms and cocoa gives this drink an extra sensitive spice that is very similar to G.Macilevicius, who owns the coffee.


2 kg of tomatoes

1 kg carrot,

1 kg of peppers

1 kg apples

100 g of peppers,

100 g garlic,

1 glass of oil,

1 tablespoon salt

1 glass of sugar

100 ml vinegar.

Boil the oil to boil. Add the sliced ​​carrots, 1 min. – Other chopped vegetables after another 5 minutes. – Salt and Chili Peppers. Boil the sauce for 20 minutes. On slow heat stir. Add chopped garlic. After 5 minutes stirring and mixing well. Remove the liquid, grind the vegetables with an electric mixer. Then add vinegar, uncooked pot for another 5 minutes. Stick to the fire and put the sauce in the cans, close it. Scan only after one week.

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