Thursday , January 28 2021

C. Anthony heard the unexpected words: your time for rockets will soon be completed

It seems like Carmelo Anthony officially lost status of the Star of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Houston Rockets are likely to prepare for the attacker for relief.

The striker called for a conversation about his future team. According to the first reports, the language between him and the team leaders moved smoothly, but now the situation looks different.

Two close and independent sources of the situation announced at the same time that C. Anthony had been told by "Your short time in Hjustone is soon complete". The club has rummaged this information to deny, but all the characters are still gone in favor of C. Anthony.

The attacker started the season badly, played 30 minutes on the playing field, collecting 13.4 points (40 percent of the game, 32 percent of the three points), 5.4 returns and 0.5 of the result's transfer. The team is also not happy with the result because it has only won four matches of the eleven.

C. Anthony will miss the nearest Rocket match, although the official reason for this was the attacker's health. His team, as before, does not hold a contract – Rockets has cautiously signed with him an extremely uncompromising $ 2.5 million dollar contract, so that would not be a big problem for the player to be just forgiven.

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