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Bronislow, who succeeded in a serious illness: Abusiveness prevented him from going to bed, I went over at night | life


What is the disease?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD, COPD) is a serious lung disease where a person can no longer perform simple household tasks due to the high respiratory rate. According to the latest World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), COPD is the fourth cause of death in the world, and in Lithuania it is the fifth. The disease is not curable, but its development can deteriorate by changing lifestyle and taking regular medication. Unfortunately, in Lithuania not yet 9 out of 10 patients are cured.

Mr. Bronislovas is not one of them. Movement, annual relaxation at the sea, positive attitude and regular drug use have slowed disease progression, and it is now easier to talk about the disease.

"I could not go to bed"

Ukmergiškis goes for a lifetime. She talks about killing every day and 6 km – and moving and saving money. However, after catching a severe lung disease, the pathway of unmarried is shortened significantly.

"I've been moving a kilometer and I'm starting to dive. After only 500m, I could go until I finally could not go to bed at night – I had to bed at night. It just hurt me chest injured, so I could not breathe – I pushed my nose so that at least a minute did not breathe ", – recalls B.Kaselis as a disease enhancement.

The self-destructive disease was reported in advance – it was a gargoyle in the throat, as Mr Bronislova said, "the girl began to sing in her throat." During the month, the worsening strengthened so that no one could lift the arm without giving up. The most common treatment was at the hospital.

Depended on active lifestyle and drug addiction

B.Kasel's life went by observing the weather – the man worked for a meteorological station for most of his life. The health never complained, but it was not uncommon for them to run into the field during the winter, as the measurements have to be done in seconds with accuracy.

Smoking is an important risk factor for COPD, with up to 8 out of 10 COPD patients suffering from smoking.

"Now I am 16 years old to 100 years old. There are several of these diseases, a lot of sugar, but I like having a sweet meal. Relaxed from diabetes and well." And the lungs do not know if it's good or what " Bronislovas.

It is not forbidden to have an active lifestyle – both walking and recreation at sea during the summer and the use of drugs.

"No matter what the weather is, I go to the forest for 9 hours, and I get there and go to the evening. The coast passes, and immediately improves dramatically, Ukermansky says about the benefits of the sea, and suggests others with COOL: -Wall walk more work and sleep. And there are plans in the future, even if they say retirees can not plan, just three days ahead, because God is from taburetkos Let's get rid of the laughter, "- lord Mr. Bronislovas.

A turbid disease that risks every third smoker

COPD is usually diagnosed within 40 years. and elderly patients. Most are men or women who have long experience of intensive smoking. Smoking is an important risk factor for COPD, of which 8 in 10 COPD patients are affected by smoking (WHO data for 2017). People who spend a lot of time in the air and breathe in the air also risk getting this serious disease.

Photo of Vida Press. The father is smoking while watching the child

Photo of Vida Press. The father is smoking while watching the child

Fill Santaro's clinic, a pulmonologist Elena Jurevičienė, says that COPD is a maladaptive disease. For a long time, the symptoms do not appear, the patient may only suffer from mild cough, often seen as a result of smoking. During the progression, her symptoms like shortness of breath are often attributable to other diseases, usually heart attacks. In addition, the main risk factor for both diseases – smoking – coincides.

"If a person is smoker and he is over 40, he should be screened for COPD. The earlier we begin to treat this disease, the more likely it will be to develop or slow down.

It is very important to talk to patients about smoking because if patients do not smoke, unfortunately the effect of drugs is weaker and disease progression is more pronounced, says the pulmonologist.

What is the treatment?

COPD irreversibly affects the lungs and interferes with their function, which makes it easier to prevent and treat the disease. The main prevention measure is smoking cessation.

"The disease is previously determined, the better the quality of life can be given to the patient. First of all, you should quit smoking and start regular treatment. Then the patient could have a good quality of life for a long time," says E. Jurevičienė.

Patient treatment is both medicated and non-medicated, which is also very important for effective management of the disease. The following factors are important factors for reducing the symptoms of a disease and reducing the risk of exacerbation:

  • Smoking and / or reduction of internal and external contamination
  • Regular use of medication;
  • Physical activity
  • Balanced diet;
  • Positive attitude.

Medication should be regular, it helps to reduce the risk of disease disorder and slow down disease progression. Since October The Ministry of Health to 100% A new generation of COPD treatment has also been included in the replacement list. Pulmonologists hope that drugs are now cheaper for patients and more effective for treatment so that more COPD patients will be treated and have the opportunity to live well.

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