Friday , January 22 2021

«Triads of sorrow and tears» of the law and the Egyptian law (report)

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A difficult trio of the football team at the Al Ahly Club in the league of the League of African Champions League 2018 at the stadium Reds of the Tunisian striker, the dreams of his fans failed during the return of the African glories for five consecutive years from the Tch Palace and gave the Red team the title on runner-up for the second time in a row continental.

In the last quarter, Egyptian fans have cried tears of regrets of three attempts, who have lost their clubs and teams and caused loss of titles and copper and deepening of dreams in several crucial and crucial games, carries huge shocks to the game's supporter in Egypt.

Ahli is stunned before Trigy Trio in the midst of his supporters at Cairo International Stadium in the final part of the African Champions League 2007 edition of the Tunisian Coast Star where the shocking trio led by Chermiti and his companions to prevent Red Genius from achieving an unrivaled achievement on the continent and crown the African princess for the third time in a row.

Zamalek had a tough and shocking thirties during his African tour. In the final match of the African Champions League final in 1994, the three failed Al-Turji in Tunisia and failed to keep the title in a famous match hosted by the Al-Menzah Stadium.

Another painful third of the Egyptian ball Zamalek again with the final in the 2016 African Champions League of South Africa's Sun Down's final stadium where the children in the dead blocked in the trap of heavy defeat to make things very difficult for them in the return.

While everyone was waiting for a big victory for the Egyptian team at the expense of his American counterpart in the Confederation Cup 2009 issue in South Africa, after Pharaoh's impressive performances led by teacher Hassan Shehata in front of Brazil and Italy and the drop of world champion Homs, the shock came three clean uncle's cousins ​​"Sam" in the network Pharaoh, to leave our national team competition.

The scenario was repeated in the World Cup in Russia in 2018. The Egyptians believed that it would not be difficult to meet the hosts under Pharaoh's rich performance in the first match against Uruguay. But the Russian bear got a tough tree and announced that Egypt should come early from the World Cup.

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