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Treatment of chronic constipation in just two days

Treatment of chronic constipation in just two days News Source:

Monday, November 12, 2018 Source: On the day Eat fiber rich foods that stimulate the bowel movement

Treatment of chronic constipation is one of the most important methods for treating hemorrhoids since constipation is one of the causes of extreme hemorrhoids, so treatment of constipation should be the first step in treating hemorrhoids naturally. Constipation has two types, either temporary constipation or chronic constipation. In both cases constipation can be defined as a gastrointestinal disorder called hard or non-recurring effusion, so that the intestinal movement decreases. The reason for this is that the stool is dry or difficult to pass normally, Constipation is accompanied by puffiness, pain and cramps.

What factors lead to chronic constipation?
One of the main reasons for constipation is the lack of sufficient water in the stool either due to insufficient water intake or prolonged stool in the large intestine, leading to loss of stools and then to severe stools while the second reason for constipation is the lack of nutrients Necessary to store water in the intestines. On the other hand, poor bowel movement or cessation of work can lead to constipation.

What causes constipation?
We mentioned in an earlier article that constipation has two main causes, one of which is a very prominent functional cause and the other a rare organic cause:

First: Causes of functional constipation:
1 – High temperatures that occur during fever and heat.
2 – The usual constipation during the last pregnancy due to pressure on the uterus in the last part of the digestive system.
3 – Fall of anxiety and mental excitement so that the cause is not satisfactory.
4 – The presence of neurological disease, mental or mental.
5- infection of the nerve vessels
6 – Slow movement of waste and increase the body's absorption of liquids into waste due to stagnation of the movement of the colon.
7. Inactive and lack of movement.
8 – Bad metabolism caused by imbalance in the body's functions, usually caused by diabetes, or an imbalance increases or decreases the normal proportions of calcium in the blood or in the secretion of the thyroid gland.
9 – suppress the desire to ward off as a result of long-term travel or change of living habits, such as quitting smoking.
10 – Myocardial weakness that occurs with older persons with two places.
11 – Take some drugs and medicines as constipation is one of its side effects, such as medicines containing codeine, such as cough and drugs, acidity and high blood pressure.
12 – Widespread food congestion, due to the main causes of incorrect eating habits like eating foods that produce some waste, such as meat or low-fat food or food helps to increase the hardness of dirt as dairy products or lack of drinking water and juice.

Second: Causes of Organic Constipation:
The causes of organic constipation are rare, and the most important examples of infection – God forbids – the tumors of benign and malignant, resulting in narrow and sometimes obstruction of the colon or appearance of the anus or rectum or abscess of the fall or small intestine or gall bladder or colon or the presence of anus or rectal anus.

How to Prevent Constipation:
To prevent chronic constipation, it is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water daily and on the other hand a healthy diet rich in fiber, which is abundant in vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains.

How to treat chronic constipation:
As mentioned in the factors that lead to chronic constipation, prevention is always better than treatment and on the use of drugs or drugs to soften the stool, although the weight will be recovered again after the end of the use of these drugs and drugs. In any event, you should Contact your doctor as soon as possible, especially if you have severe constipation or if you have severe pain during stools or have noticed an undue decrease in your weight. These are the most important ways to treat other chronic constipation, which is not less important than the most expensive drugs, but more importantly.
1 – Drink large amounts of water with at least 2 liters of water daily and should not be considered as soft drinks or juices replace them even though they contain fresh juices to prolong the body fiber.
2 – Eat rich and rich foods rich in fiber, stimulating the bowel movement and the main dishes rich in fiber, fruit and fresh vegetables. Fiber supplement may be used to treat chronic constipation.
3 – Reduce as much as possible or avoid eating food that causes constipation, even temporarily until the treatment is complete, and the most important of these foods: Dairy products and foods rich in sugars, fats and oils except sweets, boiled eggs, rice and White bread. Avoid eating too many unnecessary foods and foods, such as beans, chilled foods, cakes, ice cream, onions, donuts, red meat and incomplete mature bananas.
4 – Avoid drinking coffee, tea and other beverages rich in caffeine, and despite the caffeine's help to treat constipation, but in the long run, a completely opposite result may occur.
5 – Do not delay spending the need for any reason, and prefer to use the Arabic baths or use the bath so that you can put your feet on the seat, which facilitates the movement of the intestine.
6 – Finally, to exercise, or at least not to sit for long periods of these are the most important ways to stimulate the digestive system.

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