Saturday , June 25 2022

"The political crisis in Lebanon is deeper and more serious than the question of forming a government"


Dr Osama Saad had a speech at the beginning of the legislature held by the House of Representatives today, where he felt that the political crisis in Lebanon is deeper and more dangerous than the question of forming a government. Political reality has come down from a false statement aimed at preserving the rights of communities and justice among them. , And destroy the aspirations of the Lebanese people into a modern and fair state.

"The current political situation is even worse," Saad said. "We have reached a sectarian federation that works with mutual dissolution and the mutual" wits "that take the country to the bottom.

Saad said during his intervention that the economic situation in the country has collapsed and that the economic crisis and its social trends are heading towards further aggravation of the economic-political-consumer-pastoral corrupt transactions that continue to this day.

Saad pointed out that the economic crisis is far and much more serious than 11.8 billion, which we are seeking through Paris 1 to Paris 4 and maybe in the future there will be Paris 5 and 6 .. And we like to cool the coolant. We only find more debt and economic misery and social conditions The miserable.

Youth migration increases, unemployment increases and poverty rates rise (and more than 1.5 million Lebanese have a daily income of 4 dollars). Services like electricity, water, waste, health, etc. are plagued by corruption.

Saad pointed out that frustration has reached its assortment and that human speech is a curse and condemnation of politics and its owners, as if the doors were blocked in front of a solution that brings the country out of a crisis intensified.

He urged Saad to get out of these crises and find solutions to temporarily reduce the agenda and start a national political debate boldly and quietly for the serious political crisis, especially the political area in the country is hopeless and helpless and bankrupt and warns paralyzed institutions in the state and angry on the street for his competence and legitimacy, one of the risks and precautions.

He also demanded the implementation of Articles 24 and 95 of the Lebanese Constitution, in particular, that the Lebanese want a modern and only bourgeois state which requires it to be the first step in the Constitution and not outside the constitution and to discuss freely why the two articles do not have applied.

He concluded by saying that the Lebanese were chosen in the hope of achieving awards, and we should not let them down.

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