Thursday , July 29 2021

The Army adjusts the closing date for the Independence Day demonstration

The Army Mission – The Directorate of Guidance issued a statement that "In addition to its previous statement on the holding of a central party at Independence Day on Shafiq Al Wazzan Avenue – Central Beirut, the Army Commission notes the fact that the closing date for roads leading to the afenementioned avenue has been modified, Following:

* Experience days on Saturday 17 and 20 instead of Saturday 17 and Monday 19/11/2018 Between 6:00 and 14:00:

– From the Statue of Emigrants Charles El Helou Station towards Shafiq El Wazzan Avenue.

– George El Haddad Street to the tunnel leading to Charles Helou Avenue.

– Shafiq Al-Wazzan Street from the south side – Al-Bayal entrance.

– Allenby Street.

Foch Street.

– The highway in front of Al-Nahar newspaper building.

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