Thursday , July 29 2021

The al-Marijah family arrested the armed forces and arrested them with weapons and drugs

The Directorate-General for the Internal Security Force – Public Relations Division announced that "on November 12, 2018 and in the Al Ghadeer site there was disagreement about the preference of traffic between an unidentified car driver on the one hand and an ambulance from the Islamic Health Authority. On the other hand, I received an oral exchange between the drivers of the two cars and left each case "indicating that" it was only half an hour until a car arrived and inside the unknown people who opened fire at the "Health Authority" building in Mahalla and fled to an unknown destination And no one was injured. "

"The results of the investigations and investigations made by the Marayjah fraction in the regional gendarmerie unit could identify the identity and the stay of the perpetrators and their arrest in Al-Amrouiya / Hay al-Salam, based on the reference of the competent court, which is: Han is a Lebanese born in 1984, a. A Lebanese born 192 and h. "He was a Syrian born in 1998," declares that "they were seized with a Kalashnikov" type of weapons and a variety of cannibals. "

It was found that the first is necessary for the court, according to a summary of the ruling, "note that" the prisoners were sent to the Central Drug Enforcement Office in the police department to extend the investigation with them on the reference to the competent judge, and work is under way to arrest his partner. "

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