Wednesday , June 16 2021

Researchers warn of the dangers of night work!


Researchers warn of the dangers of night work! Onojeghuo

Night work hazard

Experts at the Sleeping Department at Moscow State University Medical First confirmed the risk of night work on human health, especially women.

The head of the ward at the Russian University Mikhail Poliktov said that people working at night are at risk of cancer.

"Any change in the kingdom's sleep times with the help of stimulants and other products that forces us to wake up at normal times (the body's biological clock) will overload the body's cells and disrupt its function," Poliktov says.

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The world pointed out that the human body's cells move to night mode, with the beginning of darkness, because the genetic mechanism is the control of rest period.

The body system, which works at night and sleep during the day, can cause serious illness, including cancer.

According to Poliktov, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that changing the body's biological clock at night increases the risk of certain types of malignancies.

Global data showed that different vein fractures work negatively on women and lead to increased risk of breast cancer by 40% for nurses and 70% for airplanes.

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