Thursday , April 15 2021

Prices for fruit, fish and air conditioning decreased during October

The central government for public mobilization and statistics (CAPMAS) announced that fruit prices fell by 8.0% in October 2018 compared to September, due to a decrease of 10.3% in banana prices, guava with 37.6% and grapes with 2, 6%.

The seafood prices fell by 0.7% on average change Monthly decline due to lower prices for fresh and frozen fish by 0.8%.

Alcohol, smoke and air conditioners rose 0.9% due to a 0.9% increase in cigarette prices.

Clothing and shoes increased by 0.9%, due to the shoe group's price by 0.3%, the second clothing and accessories group by 1.3% and the scourge group by 1.1%.

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