Saturday , June 19 2021

Germany's ambassador informed about development projects in Akkar: Everybody knows that the importance of creating jobs for women is a priority for us – Akkar – Michel Halaq

Germany Ambassador Jörg Berglin toured a number of development projects funded by the German Development Fund in a number of villages and towns of Akkar in cooperation with his municipalities, together with the Embassy Staff and Deputy Regional Director of the International Work Organization Frank Hagmann, Head of the German Development Fund, KFH Sasha Stadler, Rabi Kabara from the Ministry of Labor, Zahi Al-Hiba, Adviser to Social Affairs Minister, Raghd Assi, UNDP Representative.

The first meeting of the governor of Akkar, lawyer Emad al-Labaki, in the hall in the center of Essam al-Baladi in Aleppo, in the presence of a number of mayors.

"The importance of cooperation between local communities, municipalities and donors, in coordination with the relevant authorities," he said.

Thereafter, a documentary film was presented about the method of manufacturing milk and its derivatives in the Wadi Khaled area.

The second station was in the Wadi Khalid area, where he informed Berglin about several completed projects, in the presence of the region's managers.

It was the third stop in the western city of Talabas, where a field trip on a number of agricultural projects (agricultural roads) was part of the intensive employment and infrastructure program in Lebanon, in the presence of mayor Walid Mitri and a number of city councils and beneficiary farmers.

The tour ended with a meeting in the Alhamadi Palace Issam Fares in the center of the city, where Mitri welcomed the German ambassador and the accompanying delegation and thanked "all the partners in the intensive employment program and infrastructure."

He also thanked the German people and the German government for their support in implementing these important development projects in the Western Taliban. He said: "The agricultural project was carried out by labor-intensive technology, based on more work than machinery and equipment. The city, as well as its Syrian guests."

"The current implemented agricultural project has made a significant contribution to facilitating the work of farmers and their mobility to their land and transfer of tools and agricultural materials and even farm workers, which inevitably increases the share of production and will increase employment opportunities for urban residents and foreigners will affect the city and the neighborhood economy is positive.

Represents the ministries for work and affairs

Representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs talked about "the importance of the projects carried out, and the good cooperation between all implementing partners for these projects was confirmed to serve the Syrian communities and displaced persons."

In summary, Berglen presented a speech where he said: "This initiative is on two levels:

First, we want host communities to benefit from all these infrastructure-related services that are improving.

Secondly, we are interested in creating temporary jobs for vulnerable Lebanese and displaced acids. "

He added: "This project, in the city of Talabas West, is a wonderful example of the work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, supported by the International Labor Organization and the UN Development Program, all in order to ensure better living conditions for Syrian refugees and Lebanese people in this region. We are also working on developing and developing standards for social guarantees and decent working conditions, which will also serve as examples for other countries, and everyone knows that the importance of creating jobs for women is a priority for the German government. This project is a success guide, and we emphasize the importance of cooperation between our two countries, Germany and Lebanon. "

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