Wednesday , May 18 2022

Five cases where antibiotics are dangerous


Many people with colds, flu and other diseases manage antibiotic capsules and believe that they help them recover quickly.

Taking antibiotics in many cases is, however, dangerous to human health and does not help to speed up recovery, as some believe.

First, antibiotics do not help to treat cold, flu and cough.

The second case – viruses are the cause of respiratory diseases and not bacteria, and antibiotics do not affect viruses, but only in bacteria, it is eating harmful and ineffective.

The third case – Antibiotics can cause body damage due to its recurrence, and therefore, when the disease is again a stronger antibiotic than the first.

Case IV – Antibiotics have serious side effects, which cause weak liver and kidney function, allergies and low immunity to the body, in addition to causing a defect in the lining of the intestines and mucous membranes of the body.

Case 5: Antibiotics should be avoided if the disease continues for a long time. The doctor will then diagnose the disease to determine the concentration of bacteria and then prescribe appropriate medication for treatment.

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