Monday , November 18 2019
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Egypt's speed team forgets the World Cup winner in France

In a strange incident, Egypt's World Cup-winning team returned to speed from France without the trophy, having forgotten the trophy inside the hotel in France.

The Egyptian Speedball Federation has launched internal investigations to find out who is responsible for the trophy.

Despite the announcement by the federation, the trophy, which returned alone without the title holders, last night, through understandings made by the federation with the French authorities sent in a plane from Paris to Cairo; The incident prompted comments mostly cynical and lamented the idea of ​​"forgetting the cup".

Interesting about the forgotten incident prompted Amr El Dardir, vice president of the Egyptian Speedball Federation, to say in television comments yesterday that he "wanted to shed light on winning the World Cup, in the same amount of interaction that accompanied the cup."

He added that the players took pictures of the cup at the hotel and forgot about it, and the mission found out after the return and promised to punish the mistake.


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