Tuesday , July 5 2022

Corona’s gloomy scenario in the coming months …


The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation announced that approximately 538,000 people will lose their lives in the United States on April 1 due to the coronavirus, according to the British newspaper The Independent.

The institute stressed that in the event that the precautions are not tightened and the commitment to wear masks, it is possible that the total number of deaths in America in April will amount to about 770 thousand cases, and notes that the calculations show that the death toll will be in the middle of January, when the number of daily deaths can reach To about 3000 cases, compared to 2500 per day now.

He added that vaccine vaccinations are only expected to save 9,000 people in April, and the number could reach about 14,000 if the rapid vaccine scale is extended to target individuals most at risk of death.

The institute stated that if the US states tightened the measures and the number of people wearing masks reached 95%, 66,000 people could be saved, which explained that those who are required to wear masks now when they leave the house represent only 71%.

The institute predicts that by the end of the year, Covid-19 disease will come in second place after heart disease as the leading cause of death.

For his part, dr. Jonathan Rayner at the George Washington University School of Medicine that the death rate would double in less than two weeks and reach an average of 4,000 cases per day.

The CEO of El Centro Medical Center in California, Adolf Edward, said they had passed the breaking point, but the staff was “broken.”

He added: “We are at war with Covid” and noted that he does not know when the epidemic may end, nor does he realize how long his hospital group will withstand the increase in the number of cases.

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