Friday , August 19 2022

Canaan: Health card has become the public authority's door economy


Chairman of the Committee on Finance and Budget MP Ibrahim Kanaan that "as promised a few weeks ago today approved the health card."

"The biometric card will include," he said after a meeting of the Finance and Budget Committee
The health process for every citizen saves a lot of wasted money and is sponsored by
With the Ministry of Health, which offers the opportunity to guarantee all segments in the future,
The health card is on the public authority's doors and I hope it will be a priority
Legislation because it affects all Lebanese and all houses. "

He pointed out that the necessary political decision in the General Assembly shows Lebanese rights
He said the waste comes from politics, arrogance and chaos
The health card project is the first medical and national project approved by the public authority.

"Several funding proposals will be raised in the Commission's report to the Commission
Generally, we with his approval of the public body away from political disturbances because
This card comes into every house. "

The health card project is a health project proposed by a vice president
Public Health Minister of the Guardian Ghassan Hasbani.

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