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Brazil race: Saddam Firshab and Okon talk about the hour


LONDON (Reuters) – World Champion Lewis Hamilton has won Brazil's Grand Prix, which led Mercedes to the fifth consecutive World Cup in Formula 1 and gave him the title of the manufacturer two weeks after he became a crowned champion, but the highlight of Brazil's Grand Prix, Max Versthapen, Frenchman Esteban Okon and the event that caused Versthapen finish about 20 yards before the end and lost to the first place after being the leader of the competition mostly.

In the last 20 seconds, Hamilton took the lead after the collision between Red Bull Firestone's main driver and the O & # 39; Connors Racing Point Force India driver. The race commissioners called the drivers for physical contact between them after the end of the race and accused the Frenchman of trying to direct parties to him.

With the result of the Interlagos competition, Mercedes won the manufacturer's title, with 620 points against 553 for Ferrari, before the final stage of the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi two weeks later.

Hamilton made his 10th win in the season and 72 in his career, in front of Verchtapen and Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen.

Nelson Almeida (AFP)

The two week old Dutchman, who won the Mexican Grand Prix two weeks ago, was a comfortable leader in Brazil, and he had a meeting with O'Neill Connon on turn 44 of 71 when the French tried to take over him even though he was late for a full turn. On one occasion, O & O Connor forced to circumvent the inner part of the runway while Verstauben, leading to the collision and drivers from the track and Hamilton.

Vereshtapen did not hide his anger at the incident, using "idiot" character on his team's internal communication system to talk about O'Connor. "I hope I do not see him in the hangar area," with no insults.

Although the French have been punished by the competition commissioners for a 10-second break over the cause of the accident, this has not dampened Fergitapen anger, as was shown by the TV movie in the driver's road gravitational. He repeatedly writes O & # 39; Connell with angry expressions on his face, Okon his Dutch counterpart, trying to beat and beat him. That was absolutely denied by the Dutch driver.

"We were in the weight room … He would hit me," said Okon Sky Sports.

The 22-year-old said he competed with the 21-year-old, so he was "used to trouble Max" and said, "I was behind Max for the two boys and in the first round I was much faster. The teams give the driver the right to try to get out of my knee, and that's what I did. "

Although Versthaben managed to return to second place in the next round and moved closer to Hamilton again, the latter continued the lead until the end.

The Mercedes team has dominated the Formula One World Championship in recent years and won two drivers and manufacturers since 2014 at the expense of the competitor directly in the overall ranking Ferrari. Since the introduction of the six-cylinder hybrid that year, Mercedes almost dominated exclusively the championship, with 73 drivers of 99.

"The young team did a great job," said Hamilton, who has a fifth title with Argentinean Juan Manuel Fangio, behind record holder Michael Schumacher (7 titles). "Leadership for them today was a matter of honor."

Hamilton won his first world title with McLaren (2008) and added four titles with Mercedes (2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018), while the title of 2016 was his former German colleague, Nico Rosberg.

Ten years later he had a break in Brazil's Interlago Intercontinental for Hamilton, who won his second win on the circuit. In 2008, Hamilton made his first world title in the final round of the final round when he took fifth place to crowd him as world champion after former Ferrari driver Felipe Massa crossed the finish line champion.

In 2018, Verstahtaben came to rescue for the British driver and his team.

The friction with the O & # 39; Connor Fürstapen was a closely guaranteed win, especially as Red Bull's performance seemed to be the best on the track, with settings that resulted in less tire consumption, which makes the team stand out in the stopping strategy.

Firshtaben, Australia's Daniel Ricciardo, finished fourth in 11th place, before colleague Dutch Feltier Potas V and Ferrari German driver Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel was the biggest loser in the race, losing his second position in favor of Potas, and later in the fourth lap the third Verstauben lost.

At the 10th turn, Verstauben had advanced to second place after killing Potas while Ricciardo was sixth.

Versthapen is in progress after Hamilton entered the 19-wheel, while the Dutch stayed longer because his tires did not erode significantly.

After entering the lead, Verstauben returned to third behind Ricciardo and Hamilton, and advanced to second place and then to the top after entering his Australian team to change his frame and retain it until the collision.

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