Monday , January 18 2021

Asharq Al-Awsat: Hariri has compiled a list of 18 ministers he will present to Aoun

Well-informed political sources revealed to the newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat that Prime Minister Saad Hariri has no interest in not moving after he has committed himself to the French initiative and undertaken to adopt and follow it to stop the economic and financial collapse, and said he is aware of the responsibilities it entails; To keep his hands tied will reflect negatively on him, and there is no escape for him except by facilitating the formation of the government.
The sources pointed out that Hariri is not in the process of becoming a party to the ongoing attempts to alleviate the dispute over the formation of a government or to be drawn into arguments that are intended to appear as a disagreement between Muslims and Christians, and therefore he will not provide a free service to those who try to set up political ambush to trap him in sectarian disputes.
The sources confirmed that Hariri had drawn up a list of the names of ministers appointed to an important government of 18 ministers, and that he would present it to President Aoun, saying that it respects the French specifications and will not deviate from it. Because he maintains his commitment to the French initiative, and that his move coincides with the move of Macron, who still drives his political engines towards the international community and the Lebanese interior, to secure a social safety net that provides protection for the future government, and enables Lebanon to move from the dead end that still besieges it to the dept.
The same sources believed that it was necessary to resume consultations between Hariri and Aoun in order to test the latter’s willingness to follow the French initiative on the one hand and to discover what he was rumored that Hariri would want to confiscate the Christian representation, and they said that the appointed the president avoided discussing with the president of the republic about the decisions made by the defense council. The Supreme Court, although he, along with Siniora and Salam, agreed to violate and oppose the constitution, attributing the reason for his reluctance to respond to the fact that he does not plan to enter the sectarian atmosphere as a party , while preparing to resume author consultations with Aoun.
And the sources revealed that Siniora and Salam discussed with Hariri the need to reduce the level of political tension with the leader of the “progressive socialist party”, Walid Jumblatt, and not to be drawn into side struggles, confirming that on the other hand there is no truth about what the political movement affiliated with Aoun is spreading that Hariri does not favor acceleration When he forms the government, and therefore he waits until after the new US President Joe Biden takes over his constitutional duties on January 20 next.
She said that with the formation of the government today, before tomorrow; Because the time factor is not to miss opportunities to save the country, and she considered it not necessary to continue the discussion on the author consultations until after Macron came on a third visit to Lebanon since the explosion aimed at the port of Beirut on August 4.

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