Saturday , August 13 2022

Are robot cleaners spying on our homes?


USA – iRobot, the manufacturer of small-scale robots, said it would give Google some of the data that robots come from users' homes.

The company declared that its robots, "Roomba +7" dedicated to the cleaning floor, make maps of users' homes and keep these maps in memory of electronic, which helps speed up the cleaning, but these maps are sent to Google online from time to time, connect to WIFI network in your home.

The goal of the iRobot process is that Google will use that data to develop software that will help robots in the future perform more and more complex tasks. These tasks will be performed by voice commands sent by the user to the robot through the Google Voice Assistant.

The comments raised concern some users of "Roomba" robots. They also said that the manufacturer spied and allowed other companies to spy on the users' homes.

Source: Vesti

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