Saturday , May 28 2022

After just Saad .. Lebanese artist tried in France to charge charges against a minor!


After being accused of abuse of a minor girl, French-born Lebanese artist Ibrahim Maalouf is on trial Friday in France's criminal court.

The case goes back to 2013 when the girl filed charges against Maalouf and noted that the incident occurred when she went to the studio to allow Ma'louf to train and pointed out that he harassed her by kissing her.

She pointed out that she was 14 years while he was 33 years old.

Her parents then filed a complaint to the prosecutor's office and a survey was opened before Maalouf was arrested last year.

The family lawyer pointed out that the girl suffered from a psychological crisis and disease disease.

Last year, Maalouf won the César Prize for the film "In the Siberian Forests".

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