Saturday , September 18 2021

A poetry evening and a theater performance during the week of the Galilean Cultural Club

Irbid – Omar Abu Al-Hija
As part of the 5th Galilean cultural week, "From Galilee to Galilee, Returnees", an evening was held for the poets: The evening was moderated by the poet Essam al-Ashqar, who also presented actor Hassan Dureish and his play "Before the Sun" in presence of intellectual and interested parties.
Initiated d. The poet read poetry through a series of short poems whose design is consistent with the development of Arabic poetry and it is due to its consequences for the humanitarian situation and the situation in our Arab homeland. He finished his poetry reading with a painful poem that he gave to the poets Ahmad Al Khatib and Omar Abu Al-Haija. I'm only I. "He says," I'm just me / above the dust .. I / under the dust .. I / What I created but a homeland in my imagination / No language for soft talk / The text is inevitable dream of orphan / to be worthy of this song / and rest my legs / if I loose myself and him N / Or I have seen the lovers / on the wall of the wave's fluent / Tnsni Nesma and then fall asleep / Bshabah of their tears. I left / on the wind / behind my tears / tears filled me / when the overlay on my tree / and every day I ask my question / all / stole My children's hungry bread / They did not leave a little in my dynasties / And I remained / I am just me / i continue every day i'm nazali / i'm not me / o jabali ».
For his part, poet Ghassan Takhtouni read a poem, for example "To my mother" and "Sidoor". A poet deepens in the Arab pain and sees it in a painful language, revealing in his poetical stories about human independence and the worries of the present homeland. He says in his poem "Siddur": "My tears will reveal me, Pages. I will hide my love and I will not be sorry. / If you want / I will not hurt your child in the water / Hold like Red Indian / Western Mississippi) / Strengthen your Eyelash / In Magic / I hold my lips like a helmet.
And then read the poem Dr. Ali Hse's poems and also read the girl Mariya daughter another poem about him "Galilee", and took possession of the child's admiration of the audience and their interaction with them. The poet and his daughter saw the Palestinian unrest and his wounds in a language full of emotions and feelings. Hissis says in his poem: "Without a speech, no songs, no sermons, no hymns / no litters in clubs / without wages, no benefits. And what Maria read: Club Galilee has built our DNA spirits / annexation of winds and winds and dust implicitly / and has been anchored in the air / throughout the heart of our destiny ".
Who participated in the evening of Faisal Al-Houri, Ala Al-Madi and Nayel Salama spoke their poems in their direct language and appreciation of the human concern.
The famous artist Hassan Darwish presented a game entitled "Before the Sun", through the preparation and representation of the artist Dorish, designed and directed by Ismat Farouk, and the place of the game taking place in the occupied country. Which country occupied? And the time: after the occupation .. before the sun, the time of the night awaits a message, the characters: the human person .. humans Bansan, designed by the director where the game begins through the message is the message spoken of amazingly amazing by the poet Qasims poems accompanied by the game Fairuz song and salami to you .. where the viewer is listening to some messages directed by the Palestinian man in the diaspora to his family in the occupied homeland. The game is generally an important message for the stubborn and constant people during the occupation cloak, and the game explores through its forecasts of what is happening in the Arab world, whether in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and the entire Arab world. Message.

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