Monday , August 8 2022

7 reasons to love "snails" even if you hate it!


Whether you like spaghetti or hate it, but you will not expect the benefits of food and health at the slug, even lovers of "snails" may not know its many benefits. It can be difficult to collect all their benefits, but you know the most important thing the snails give to your body and heart.

The snails are associated with the first trimester, they are thoughts that will keep in mind at the beginning of the season, preparing to take a trip to collect and eat it in a delicious dish. But what you know about its nutritional benefits, has some discovery, according to Cleveland Clinic. "

Snails are rich in:

* protein: Each contains 100 grams of it to 16.10 grams of protein. It is an important source of protein comparable in quantity to other types of meat.

* Contains Get calories, It is therefore a smart and useful option for anyone who wants to lose weight or maintain weight. Each 100 g of cooked snails contains about 50 calories. This means that 6 between snails is about 175-180 calories.

* Source Rich in vitamins and minerals Especially magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin A, all of which work to maintain the health of the bones and teeth and improve the digestive system and strengthen the vision.

* Iron and vitamin B12 Which helps oxygen to reach the blood, fight anemia and promote nerve growth and nutrition.

* Useful for the heart: In addition to all nutrients, the swelling is characterized by low cholesterol and is therefore useful for patients with heart or people with cholesterol.

* Unexpected benefit: Because the snails contain zinc, the nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic Julia Zubano recommended that "over 40 women benefit from the snails and rich minerals and vitamins, especially copper and zinc. It's hard to absorb it as before, so it's a rich source To all of these vitamins, minerals and water and most importantly, it does not contain calories.

* Characterized by its containment Collagen Known for its aesthetic benefit, skin retention and cell renewal, as well as combating acne and aging signs.

Also recommend the Cleveland nutritionist, steamed or steamed and avoid cooking with unhealthy fats like butter or obesity and the link of cream and others and use oil or tomatoes to be healthy.

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