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The most common mistakes we make over time

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In 2017, residents in Latvia spent an average of 13.5% of household income to cover housing maintenance costs, according to the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB). These publications include fees for utilities – water, electricity, gas and other fuels, but do not include rental housing, maintenance costs, television, telephone etc. c. Subscription fee.

Thus, the total cost of housing is twice as high. On the other hand, single seniors in the wallet have a much larger gap – they account for 25.5% of pension income on average.

The solution for reducing daily expenses for beneficial payments is energy efficiency.

Efficient resource use

Often the term "energy efficiency" is associated with resource conservation that may be discomfort, such as not lighting the room in the evening, so as not to waste electricity, but at the same time for review. Often, energy efficiency involves the purchase of new and disproportionately expensive electrical appliances or the construction of a new energy-efficient home. Unfortunately, it is rarely associated with how you pay less and live better without spending a cent.

Energy efficiency is a useful use of energy resources. The aim is to achieve the same work that has achieved the same results as previously, with less resource consumption. Read on to find out some examples of how to reduce your energy consumption.

everyday habits

It has been shown that by improving the energy consumption habits, the total electricity consumption of the house can be reduced by at least 10%. You just have to start with your habit or change of behavior, for example, when you wash the shower, close the tap while pouring your body. It saves both water and energy for heating the water, and at the end of the month the bill shows a lower cost of tools.

Just remember that effective actions must be carried out consciously and regularly, until a new and energy-efficient habit is over time.

10 suggestions you can start right now

1. If daily laundry is washed at 40 ° C, it is advisable to lower it and choose a position of 30 ° C – it will consume 25% less electricity and the laundry will be as clean.

2. If the kettle is still filled each time with fully boiling water, it is only recommended to use the amount of water needed at this time. Energy consumption for boiling water can also be reduced 3-4 times.

3. If the refrigerator is placed too close to the wall, it is advisable to move it next to radiators or units that release heat in operation, for example. an oven or direct sunlight. Otherwise, the refrigerator drains from outside and consumes more electricity to cool the products inside it.

4. If cooking does not cover the boilers and boilers, it is advisable to start it every time. In this way, the energy consumption for cooking can be reduced by 30%.

5. If you have not cleaned it after purchasing an electric heater or boiler, it is advisable to perform maintenance. The heater over time boils up, which increases the consumption of water for heating.

These are just some recommendations from the electrician specialist, which is advisable for everyone to implement in their own daily lives, to reduce energy consumption and therefore pay less. With the other recommendations, familiarize yourself with

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