Saturday , June 25 2022

Solar officially confirmed to Madrid Real head coach


Argentine specialist Santiago Solari has become a full-fledged Spanish football coach on Monday, the Real Madrid coach, announced by Spain's football federation.

So it is expected that the 42-year-old Solari will continue to run until the end of the season. Several famous professionals, such as Antonio Konte and Roberto Martiness, have been nominated as the main coach in the Madrid club, but Real has decided to trust Argentine.

Solari became Real's head coach two weeks ago when the Hulens Lopetegi was dismissed from the post, which only sat for 139 days in this post. The winners of the previous three-year UEFA Champions League season have been very unlucky because the Spanish championship was only in the ninth place at that time.

In turn, after the Sun's entry into the team's ranks, its performance has improved, and now it has a series of four wins. "Real" is the sixth place in the local league, while the UEFA Champions League group has the other, but it has the same number with the leader of "AS Roma".

Solari himself played the Real Realm in the period 2000-2005, and this is where he spent his career in the brightest years, twice won the Spanish championship and once in the UEFA Champions League. He played 131 games in five years and earned ten goals.

In the career of a football player, the Argentinans in Madrid played "Atletico", which basically moves directly from "Real" from this team. He also represented Milan's "Inter" teams as well as clubs in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay.

Solari has also scored 11 goals in the Argentine team and has scored a goal.

He started his coaching career in 2013, practiced "Real" youth, but after three years he became the club's second unitary competitor.

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