Saturday , September 25 2021

Olimpiet Eiduka is established in Finland for the new ski season / Diena

The leading Latvian skier from Vecbebras, in the strong competition with the Olympic Games and World Cup, took 20 in the classic style of the top 10 athletes in classical style at 58, while the 10-year free kick at the beginning of the range, in front of 40 competitors, won 14 : place and earned 82 FIS points. .

With Koknese Municipality, Ltd. Merks, LOV and Ljung-A support of Latvian best cross country skater Patricija Eiduka can take pre-season training for snow and participate in the first FIS competition this season in the Finnish city of Olosa. The student at Aizkraukle Sports School this summer started working with the Estonian ski club Chania, which has helped the 18-year-old skier of Vecbebras to further progress, as seen in the first FIS race this season.

Three-day FIS competition in Olosa started with a sprint in the classic style, where 58 participants competed. The classic style sprint is not our best cross country skiing. The two main tasks for Sprint Skateboard would lose less than their predecessors and enter the thirties, which would enable them to continue their quiz quest and gain experience of such overcrowding. The two tasks Inga Eiduka daughter and student met the 25th time and received 169 FIS points. Although Patricia's best FIS score in the sprint is less than 100 (88 FIS points), and even a few times in sprinting, it has scored less than 150 FIS points, but it has been done in Slidsol and mostly in less than usual events . The 169 FIS points are second best in the classic sprint, but best in international class competitions outside Latvia.

Patricia's winner and last season lost several seconds to the best 21-sprint Norwegian born Anna Svendsen who lost several seconds to the World Cup. The pupil at Aizkraukle Sports School took half a second to take over Kazakh Yelena Kolomina, who lost 10 seconds in the Olympic Games, very similar to the track. This time, P.Eiduka lost less than a few seconds in the Olympic Games for other skiers titled – 9 seconds for the Sochi Olympic championship in classic style Justin Kovalczyk from Poland, 16 points less for the 4th place in the Olympic Games, Win -win Natalia Nyperayeva from Russia and 11 for OS. A few seconds later this weekend Sandra Ringvalds, a German winner of the second round of the World Cup, in a row. In the quarterfinals, where the top thirty were divided into five runs in six, Patricia, although no-one was caught, finished fourth because two competitors did not go to the start. This gave our skier the opportunity to score in twenty places overall.

On the second day, Patricia Eiduka, a classic style, was released on the last day of 10km free style, where he became 14th place, but to show the second best time among the juniors. The winner of New Zealand lost one and a half minutes, but only 7 seconds behind the 25th place in the Blaugrana Cup, who won in the Olympic Games. His eunuk Isabella Marcias of Patricia in Poland reached for 17 seconds. One of the world's fastest biathletes Kaisa Mekerein's 18-year-old Eidhu exceeded 50 seconds. Patriarchin's 82 FIS points are the third best in their career.

This week, Patricia Eiduka will continue to launch FIS competitions in other villages in Finland, but last Saturday and Sunday in November (24 and 25 November), Eiduh's family tube debuts at the World Cup in Ruka, Finland.

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