Tuesday , January 25 2022

Mick Schumacher wins the F-2 Series / the day before Formula 1 debuts next year


In the last F-2 stage of the season, the victory was won by the Indian Jehan Daruvala, while Schumacher lost almost 29 seconds and took 18th place.

The second was Juki Cunoda from Japan, while the third place was won by Dan Tiktums.

Sunday’s results did not prevent the young German from retaining the previous advantage in the overall table. He won by 215 points, while his closest successor, Kelam Ailot, lost 14 points to the court. Cunoda had one point less.

On Wednesday, Schumacher’s younger contract was signed with the F-1 team “Haas”, so after a break of several years, the well-known surname in motorsport will be heard again in the series.

Schumacher won this season in two of the 12 stages. It was his second season in the F-2 series.

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