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Latvia Bank closes the series of gold coins intended for the euro in a nursery / Article / LSM.LV

On Thursday, Latvia's Bank will issue gold coins "Golden Brooch Bubble Sack" (the coin is 75 euros). The bubble coin coin complements the series of Latvian goldsmiths designed for Latvian national anniversary celebrating Latvia on the 100th anniversary of the state, reported Latvia's central banks.

In November 2016 a collective coin was issued spark statementAugust 2017 – coin with snap-on rendering, but this year, in anniversary years, this series is wrapped in a special gold coin that, according to the original historical design, is decorated with crystals. A set of all three gold coins will be purchased.

For many centuries, the bubbling orders were a luxurious women's ornament that was of considerable value for their time and became part of the Latvian national costume. The Latvian Bank's bubble-wrapped gold coins will hold a special place in Latvia's 100th anniversary gift, as it makes it possible to preserve this historic event as an important value not only in memory but also in gold, together with a cultural and historical experience.

This series of coins devoted to the decoration – three of Latvia's current territories, characteristic of centuries, have been transferred to the design of banknotes – make up a luxurious piece of jewelry for Latvia on the birthday.

The collection of golden brooches, bouquets and gold coins has created the graphic design Inguna Elere, but the plastic formulation – Jānis Strupulis. I. Elere also formed the second coin series.

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Guldbroscher, Bubblajacka, is made in Austria. The letters "#Latvia", "# bubble", "# 17_18gs", "75 euro" and "# 2018" on the front of gold coins, but on the back – styled in the 18th century. Procedure bubble.

According to the artist's view, the bundle of brooches spans on the coin for centuries of history, while the monuments are on the front of the coin, and highlight the space we live in at the moment.

Slowly speaking of ancient times in Latvian history, but the other side of the coin – about today, how we communicate in the virtual environment, social networking, how we highlight the topics we are interested in.

The history of exploitation of proclamation in Latvia's territory was started by the various early-century brocades (1st-4th century) – t.s. eyebrows, tutzsactor, crossed brothers, stopacts and rounded eyelashes with opening wheels, crossroads and bonfire motifs. The oldest brocades were imported, but soon, craftsmen, using these samples, began making brooches themselves, reflecting local aesthetic and spiritual concepts in their forms.

Adults and children used to wear and decorate clothes. The shape and decoration of the Holy has both the attire and the protective function (rot as an amulet). The shape, size and material have changed, but brochures have survived to today as one of the most popular types of jewelry.

17th century In the Latvian jewelery assortment of different forms, popular in the past centuries, a new type of brooch has gradually evolved. Their arches are decorated with hemispherical raises – bubbles – of which jewelry is also named – bubble heads.

Large, luxurious bubble loops of silver and often even gilded.

The bubbling orders were one of the most luxurious Latvian women's jewelry, and they often engraved the name of the owner and the year to make or give the brooch.

Funerals were found throughout Latvia's territory, although their decorative styles and bearer traditions differed slightly. So, for example, in the southern Kurzeme, these brooches do not collapse one by one, but one over the other, puts it in size and finally attaches a silk band. The luxury jewelry was a pride of rich Latvian farmers and was often sent down from generation to generation. Such brakes as family standards in families have often been preserved until today.

New coin from November 8th. 8.30 will be available at Latvia's collection for the purchase of coins and other numismatic products and at Latvia's office on K. Valdemara Street 1B, Riga, and Teatra Street 3, Liepaja.

The price of the coin in the banking department in Latvia's bank and on the website – 560,00 euro. The maximum circulation of a coin is 1000 copies. On November 8, the first part of the circulation – 400 copies will be marketed.

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