Tuesday , August 16 2022

Iloon Mask: Ford will not overcome the next economic recession


The founder of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla, Illon Mask, has predicted that Ford's legendary car maker may not resist the upcoming economic crisis.

In an interview with Recode, Mask said that Tesla and Ford luggage survived 2009 on the global economic road, and "Ford is likely not to change the next recession."

Mask also said it is very difficult to create a successful car product. According to him, "it is unbelievable that Tesla is still alive" after the economic crisis, as it is a relatively new car maker.

"It's extremely difficult to make a car maker company successful. There have been many attempts in the industry, and in most cases it also failed for those with a strong customer base, thousands of dealers, thousands of service centers and all the money went into factories. For example, General Motors and Chrysler were basically bankrupt in the aftermath of the recession, "explained Mask.

The mask in the interview revealed openly that the investment of the German group Daimler of $ 50 million caused the Tesla company to stay above the water at the 2009 top prize. We recall that Daimler sold its share of the Tesla company for $ 780 million four years ago.

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