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How soon will the first person get on Mars? – Entertainment

The planetary red planet has enormous potential. It is possible that once you get the minerals and the distant world will be habitable. Mars resembles Earth in terms of planetary processes, so researchers, while studying a cosmic body, also draw conclusions about the other, looking for an answer to the question: What more should you do to get Mars on the first person?

Mars is also available to people through space-time technology: the journey only takes nine months when the start is given when the two planets are closest to each other.

But the red planet is cold and unwelcome, so even the first mission requires robots that can do some raw material on the site. nanotechnology that would allow the construction of lightweight, extremely durable building materials for the construction of town ponds; genetically modified crops that can survive in tough climate and much more.

National Geographic has gathered information about how far humanity has been in the realization of its dream-Mars colonization.

Mars will reach the latest NASA research mission in November

Different robots and terrain vehicles have explored Mars for more than 40 years now, and there is a fleet everywhere and on the planet that makes it possible to study more and more carefully. The latest NASA exploration mission for the red planet will reach now, in the second half of November. In addition, it's more complicated than the predecessor – not only the new InSight probe has gone to Mars, but also two spacecars, the so-called CubeSats. One of the 36,6×24,3×11,8 cm units on October 3rd had already noticed sending a Mars image, the first one taken 12.8 million kilometers with such a small and cheap space car. One of the "small" tasks is to monitor InSight landing on Mars, which is scheduled for around November 26th. This probe will investigate the planet's tectonic activity and the effects of meteorites.

In the long run, NASA is working to send people to the asteroid in 2025 and March to 2030. It is true if former US President Barack Obama in 2016 Mars had explained NASA's ultimate goal, as Donald Tramp seems more important to conquer the moon. In 2020, a new offshore will go to Mars, whose mission is to look for the traces of ancient life and bring the earth's rocks with ancient fossils.

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