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More than a month has passed since Saeima elections, but the form of the new government is still unclear. Parliament's work is paralyzed, but Bordan does not think he is completely sure of Jordan's chances of getting a majority.

President Raimonds Vejonis justifies the election in favor of Bordan with experience of government work. The chairman compared the candidates to CRP LV and JKP, who are represented in Saeima with the highest number of mandates after "Harmony".

"Of course, one must respect the voter's will that the parties represented more in the Riksdag, in which case KPV LV and JKP are most represented in parliament – with 16 seats. And then I choose between KPV LV and JKP of course. I appreciate that particular personality and Obviously, a very important role in this situation was played by professionalism and experience, because Bordan himself was a member of the government, so he knows how the ministry works, how the cabinet works, says Vejonis.

After receiving the presidency, Bordan is committed to reaching an agreement before anyone arrives with an alternative plan or new red lines. The two-week deadline set by Vision and the fact that the new parliament can not start working before the party has agreed on who will fulfill its mission will also cause the cause. A new government has begun to work, and the state budget will not be accepted.

Despite the rivalry of the prime minister, Jordan's efforts are strongly supported by KPV LV. The National League and the negotiations "Development / For" have a much more reserved position.

"Development / For" has so far refused to discuss special ministers until an agreement has been reached on a statement from the government, namely things that the government will do and will not do.

At the moment, New Unity offers only one place for the upcoming cupboard, but the party believes it has a golden card so it decided on Friday at a board meeting to continue insisting on two posts.

"We made it clear that we do not see that a single minister can work in the government. There must be at least two ministers to avoid the decision that we will take political responsibility in situations where one is absent," says Arviel Aseraden.

In the Bordana government, JKP would like to run the Ministry of Finance, against which other parties do not object. Gatis Eglītis or Krisjanis Feldman will work in this post. The party also insists on the Ministry of the Interior Ministry, which Juta Strīķe or Juris Jāsas has applied for. Potential coalition members are cautious about these candidates.

"The ideas of the New Conservative Party, which have been part of the Association's Security Service and the various background information about the interests of the New Conservative Party in this sector, raise some concerns for the National Union. We are not currently speaking in the form of a statement but It is a matter of concern where, of course, I would like to have an in-depth discussion on this topic, says Raivis Dzintars.

The negotiation process has been good ground for different rumors. One of them is about the list of people to be released by Strīķe in domestic business and legal structures, which JKP denies, adding that the truth is that the work of several senior officials in the party's view is ineffective.

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