Saturday , May 28 2022

Sports Korea: Daegu Kim Kwangsuk Streets, "Documentary 3 Days" After Interest ↑ … "The place where the late Kim Kwang Seok spent his childhood"


  • Photo = KBS 2TV & # 39; Documentary 3-Day Screen Shipment

Daegu Kim Gwang Suk Street, who appeared in "Documentary 3 Days", attracts attention from the netizens.

The 10th upgrade of KBS 2TV "documentary 3 days" was built on the 10th, the dug from Kim Gwang-seok from the windy streets.

On this day, the appearance of Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu Metropolitan Cities, where Kim Kwang Seok was born, spent his childhood until five years old. A place called "Kim Gwang-seoks redrawing road" consists of Kim Gwang seoks statues and murals, and many think it's a tourist attraction.

On the other hand, the late KIM Kwang Suk has different kinds like "I love you", "About thirty days", "I was not so sick, love was love", "It's the singer who left the song.

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