Tuesday , June 28 2022

Laughs are chosen as the overwhelming MVP in the first round of professional basketball! : Sport Chosun


La Guanha

2018 ~ 2019 SKT 5GX Pro Basket 1st Round MVP Ulsan Hyundai Mobis Fiber LaGuardia was selected. La Guana has turned away from team mate Lee Dae-sung. Ranae won 72 votes of 94 votes to win seven votes.

La Guua has an average of 26.1 points (3rd place), 16.6 rebounds (1 place) and 1.4 blocks (5th place) on average for 33 minutes and 54 seconds in nine first-game matches. He scored 20-20 points twice in Samsung Thunders (39 points, 20 rebounds) last month the 19th last month.

In the major league match, Hyundai Mobis finished 8th and 1st in 9 games and finished the first round. La Guua was awarded second round MVP after second round last season. La Guana will receive a jubilee trophy and $ 2,000 in prize money.

Park Jae-ho reporter [email protected]

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