Saturday , September 25 2021

Halla Cement is holding the Endangered Wild Plant Restoration Event in the Gangneung Limestone Mine Recovery Area economy

Halla Cement announced on the 13th that it held the "threatened wildlife restoration event in limestone mine restoration area" in the recycling area of ​​the Halla cement mine of Okgye-myeon of Gangwon-do, Gangwon-do on the 12th.
This event is a follow-up to the Wonju Civil Environment Authority and the Gangwon-do Natural Environment Research Park in June last year, in accordance with the "Endangered Species Restoration Convention for Restoration of Limestone Mining Ecosystems". A. For over a year, Halla Cement has worked for to improve the habitats of my recovery country, to restore ecology and manage threatened species.
During the first half of May the plants were planted with endangered wild plants, dog pants and wine glasses. At the ceremony, about 20 people from Hara Cement, Wonju Regional Environment Office and Gangwon-do Natural Environment Research Park participated and planted a screen in an area of ​​approximately 400 square meters in an hour.

It is a wild plant called Class II threatened by the Ministry of the Environment due to rapid population decline. In this case, we used artificial propagation seeds from Gangwon-do Natural Environment Research Park.
Halla Cement will continue to monitor the growth of plants, plants and plants in the first half and plan to utilize them in research to restore my forest ecology.
"We are working on restoration of threatened species as a way of harmonizing nature and people," said Kim Hak-seong, head of the restoration department at Halla Cement Mine. "We will continue our efforts to restore forest ecosystems in the future."

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