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Epic Games "Gesta Suport Knight, Experience Unreal Technology" | IT / Science

Epic Games Korea Inc. (President of Park Sung-chul) of Epic Games announced the 12th detailed Boards Action Plan, including the bird's eye view "G-Star 2018".

At Episys Jisuta Booth, which has a total of 100 booths, you can visit "Port Knight" directly. Visitors can enjoy "Port Knight" on a total of four different devices, including computers, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS mobile devices.

Various "Fortnight" events will be held at the stall and demonstrations. It is planned to host "Streamer Brothers" with 20 players including crocodiles, fengwolyang, Yangjiao Dazhou, Wujing Ying, Suoqi and Surfman, as well as players from professional game teams like C9, Kong Husk, OP Gaming and WGS. There is.

You can also instantly experience Unreal Engine technology. In Siggraph 2017, the "Meet Mike" project, where the digital man with detailed eyebrows and skin is made in real time with 90 frames of VR and "Devil Valley" Valley), a technique that has been evaluated as a "real digital human".

In addition, Real Time Ray Tracing: Speed ​​of Light Experience Zone has a real-time Ray Tracing Tech demo on Siglo 2018, with the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept Car, a development of NVIDIA Turing Architecture, RTX technology and the new development of Unreal Engine. Experience with a touchscreen display.

You can also experience Face AR, a demonstration that makes it easy to create Face Capture Data from Unreal Engine with Apple ARKit Face Tracking System on Apple iPhone X or later. Red Rover, Dexter Studio, NineM Interactive and other partners will also be able to see the works using Unreal Engine. In "Red Rover" you can experience the VR interactive animation "Buddy VR" created using IP Rober's & # 39; Nuggets & # 39; animation.

Dexter Studio will show works like "Save Me" and "From Earth" along with two "VR TOON Joe", made by VR of Joe's Area & # 39; NineM Interactive will release a 3: 3 football game called "Superstar Soccer (Preliminary Name)" in real time.

Epic Games Korea CEO Park Sung-chul said, "Because Epic Games participated in G-Star every time, but only the B2B booth was operated, it's really the first time to meet players personally. I hope you have a chance to play at Epic Games booth this time. "

This is a game that you can play with.

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