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"Drunk driving" is used by the state MP … Most accept fees –


Entrance 2018.11.08 22:33
| Revision 2018.11.09 00:03

I was caught at full driving,photo) A member of the Democratic Peace Party participated in the police as a suspect on August 8 and was investigated.

Seoul Gangnam Police Station said that the team champion attended the ceremony at 8:30 pm and returned home after being investigated for about 30 to 40 minutes for alleged violation of the road traffic laws. According to the police, Lee recognized most of the stupid accusations.

Lee met with the Democratic Party's legislature and his assistants at a Korean restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul. The same day from 18:00 to 22:00 he said he drank bamboo shoots mixed with soy and beer. Lee claimed he called a replacement driver and went home.

But Lee drove out of his house at home. At 10:57 on the same day, a complaint was submitted saying there was a suspected drinking car on the Olympic Boulevard in the direction of Jamsil. Lee was a car that drove. The police led Lee's car to Cheongdam Road Park in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Read blood alcohol levels low close to the severity level (0.1% or more), which exceeds the license suspension rate (0.05% or more) by 0.089%. The police believe that the legislature drove about 15 kilometers in a drunk state.

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