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Doubtful property investigations at the end of this year … "Respond strictly when caught" / KBS News


Although the government has announced the application of a ceiling for the sale of private apartments, apartment prices are not rising.
In particular, some areas, such as Busan, which have been lifted from the area are moving under adjustment.
The government made clear its desire to stabilize the market again by continuing to conduct on-site investigations that looked at sources of funds until the end of this year and actively reviewing the addition to roof areas.
Reporter Park Ye-water reports.
[리포트]Today's inspection meeting for the real estate market was held by the first Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Kim Dae-bum, with all associated bodies including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Finance and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
At the meeting, Kim said he will continue the joint field investigations with related ministries since last month.
We will look closely at the financing plan and find out alleged donations, loans and suspected illegal resale.
We also reaffirmed our strict countermeasures, including the immediate IRS notification.
Interim results in this regard will be announced later this month.
At the same time, the government decided to regularly hold an "inspection meeting for real estate markets", which have been held at irregular intervals, and increase the number of participants.
Kim also emphasized that if the property market shows signs of overheating or concern, he will not hesitate to implement the necessary policies, for example, by reviewing the additional designation on the exterior page.
He also said he will continue to drive housing supply policy, such as the 300,000 delivery plan for the Seoul metropolitan area and the expansion of public-sector rental housing.
When housing prices show signs of instability in some areas, it is interpreted as a reiteration by the government of the basic policy of strict response to market stability.
This is KBS News.

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