Saturday , September 18 2021

CSIS "Missil Missile Base in North Korea"

A report from the American Tank, the International Strategic Studies Institute (CSIS), that North Korea has driven at least 13 missile bases that are not open to the public, coming out.

CSIS said in a report entitled "Unreported North: Saksan Mission Missile Operation Base", released today, "We identified 13 of the 20 undeclared missile bases not officially confirmed by North Korean authorities." And released "Saksong Mall Base" in Saxon Mill, Hwanghae province, based on satellite images taken in March. The US Department of the New York Times (NYT) reported: "North Korea is using great fraud."

Beauty in North Korea
Blue "What you already know"

As skepticism in the United States about authenticity in North Korea increases due to the weak negotiation of North Korea-US nuclear weapons, the reports of the reports are strengthened.

"We can not hold another summit with North Korea," Senator Edward Machi, now a member of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, called the Democratic Party Secretary and said: "President Donald Trump and State Secretary Pompeii, the United States and the United States have not yet agreed the declaration of a nuclear facility between the United States and the United States, and there is no doubt as to whether it is planned to suddenly cause problems.

Trump administration's deliberate "exchange of information" to strengthen pressure on North Korea or the pressure of negative opposition to the Trump administration's North Korea policy.

This airflow was also discovered in the related statement by Cheong Wa Dae. Kim, a spokesman for Cheong Wa Dae, said: "The information that ROK and US intelligence agencies have taken as military satellites are much more detailed," he said, referring to CSIS, "he said." The fact that there is a missile base itself shows the need to end (North USA) call early, "he said. Jch @

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