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"Choi Dong Won Award" winner 6 days star


[조이뉴스24 류한준 기자] The winner of the Choi Dong Won Prize, which was created to commemorate the late Choi Dong Won, which was named a low season potter, is determined.

The winner of the "BNK Busan Bank Choi Dong Won Award" will be announced at the baseball hall in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on November 6th at 11:30. This award ceremony is more special.

It was aimed at professional players who played in the KBO league last year, but this year the scope was expanded. Choi Dong Won Jubilee Committee for the Company said: "From this year we will also choose the winner of the" Amateur Touhong Choi Dong Won Award ", awarded to the best amateur potter.

Choi Dong won won the first prize in 2014. The invited athlete is Yang Hyun Jong (KIA Tigers), who was named last year's winner. In 2015 and 2016, Yu-gwan and Chang Won-joon (both Doosan Bears) were named.

In addition, the award ceremony this year has also been qualified as a candidate for foreign edges. Choi Dong-won jubilee committee said, "Choi Dong won tried to establish the players 'association by paying attention to the poor environment players when he acted as Futures (2nd division) coach and tried to improve players' rights." To honor the true Choi Dong Won spirit, I opened the door to pots and foreign pots. I chose the best pot in terms of objective performance. "

This year, Park Young-gil, Kang Byung-cheol and Kim In-sik, former director, have formed a selection committee. All 23 candidates were elected and the final winner was elected at the nomination committee's 23rd meeting last month. Choi Dong-won Jubilee Committee said, "We tried to secure expert knowledge and justice of the survey."

Ryu Han Joon reporter [email protected]

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