Tuesday , August 16 2022

China's biggest shopping event "Kwang Gunje"


OKDGG ", a foreign direct sale open market in Korea Center, and offers free shipping on purchase over $ 70. (Photo = Korea Center)
[이데일리 김정유 기자] China's largest shopping festival "Kwang Gunje" (Light of Light Festival, Bachelor Day), the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises are occupied. From kitchen accessories that are popular in China to cosmetics and foreign shipping agencies, they focus on different events. Since SMEs, which have a high share in China, have a major impact on their annual profits on the same day, they respond aggressively.

According to industry on October 10, kitchen equipment manufacturers will negotiate sales of a total of 29 products by 10 o'clock in the day. On the Gwanggye Gun Day, we decided to expand our product line with a total of 125 species to showcase a variety of products. In particular, the Kwang Gunje Plan Set is expected to attract more than 180,000 soldiers last year, and the year's expectations are high. Lock & Lock is planning a set of this year's tumbler with ceramic tumbler, name tumbler and ring tumbler.

Last year, Lock & Lock achieved a turnover of 34.7 million yuan (W5.8 billion), an increase of 12% compared with the previous year. Lock & Lock officers said, "This year we are preparing to fully enjoy the special light gun" and "heat resistant glass, plastic sealed container and interlock set, which is a refrigerator container, I will keep it properly."

Gwang Gunje is a day for singles and the day for the biggest online shopping in China called "Chinese Black Friday". During the past year, the number of online shopping transactions is close to 30 trillions of water. Therefore, domestic SMEs that have entered China are making various promotional events such as preparing for photonics.

Another kitchen equipment manufacturer is also in the midst of the preparations for photonics. We are preparing various planning products that are suitable for Chinese consumers. In particular, we plan to market products that are centered on infant specialists such as glass rack, baby glass dishes, which are popular in the China market. An official in the company said: "Online sales in China continue to increase compared with last year, so we expect an annual sales increase in this lightweight military."

Risky company plans to hold a discount event up to 40% at China's online shopping center "TIMOL" It will offer 40% discounts to consumers who buy their first-come products while offering first-rate premium printing for first time buyers. In addition, Kuchen plans to present wipers and cleaners to the respective 11th and 111th buyers, with the meaning of the light gun.

The cosmetics industry is also busy. The company, which runs the Derma Cosmetics brand "Doctor Ji", has broadcast live from Thimol, China since 9 last month, and offers consumers up to 50% off purchases. Even if it's not a live purchase, you can get a 30% discount if you buy the product. Fine World Cosmetics plans to launch an official channel in TIMOL and launch in China seriously. A cosmetic official from Fine World said, "This year we focus more on awareness rather than boost sales immediately because we participate in the light military system seriously."

Gwang Gunje is an event not only a manufacturer, a distributor, but also a distribution provider. Korea Center, which operates the OKDGG overseas direct market, also opens the optical gun event from the beginning of this month. First, if you buy more than $ 70, you get an 11% discount voucher with free shipping. For prehistoric methods, all products receive 40% discount. The prefecture is a system that sends popular products to the logistics center in advance and sends them on the payment date. The electronic cashback company, EVE Korea, also offers campaigns that offer cash back to 11% on the day of photography.

An industry official said, "Until last year, the Chinese market fell due to the high missile defense (THAAD), but the situation will be different this year. It is expected to be high."

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