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The confiscated seizures confiscated by A and her two daughters were revealed at the announcement of the investigation results of the Sookmyung High School Problem Suspension Case, held at SuSeo Police Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 12th of December. Suseo Police Station in Seoul said it had sent A and her twin sisters to the prosecutor's office with suspicion of stopping her work, NewSise (Delivered by SuSeo Police Station in Seoul)

The police completed the investigation of the Sookmyung Girls' High School Exam question and respond to the incident incident, and sent A (53), a former affairs chief and her twins sisters to prosecution.

SEOUL, South Korea (AFP) – A suicide bomber arrested a bombing on the morning of the 12th and said he had sent A and his sister to the prosecution for arrest and detention. A arrested on June 6, according to a court of law, "there is a risk of destroying evidence". The sisters received a prosecutor's investigation in a state of detention according to the police's judgment that a person submitted a hospital certificate with symptoms of breathing difficulties and that both were student status.

The former principal officer, assistant officer and assistant-responsible teacher responsible for supporting leakage of test papers and correct answers were handed over to the prosecutor's opinion. These three did not exclude Mr A from his position as academic director even though his sister attended a school where he works. But the police said, "This fact alone is hard to acknowledge as an obstacle to academic performance management."

Mr. A is suspected of destroying the school's sexuality management work by playing five test papers and correcting answers from June last year to July this year. The sister is charged with an unauthorized test (barrier of activity) by her father before the problem.

According to the police, the sister who did the test unjustly did the final exam in the first semester, the middle exam in the second semester of the first semester, the middle of the semester in the first semester of the first semester and the second semester exam. It was only a half-time exam during the first semester of the first semester that I graduated without receiving the problem. Thanks to the sisters, in the first class of the first class, the door, 121, 59, etc. increased greatly to the door, the fifth and the other. During the first semester of second class won both first places in each department.

Police suspected of filing the question were filed against school ties and others, and on August 31, the police were ordered by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education. On September 5, the police sought three places, including Sookmyung High School and A's home after the groundbreaking, and investigated referrals as teachers. The suspects including Mr A and his sister were examined 2 to 5 times each.

Suseo Police Station, Seoul, announced on December 12 that it sent a complaint to former A boss A and her twin sisters, alleged to be involved in the leak of Sookmyung Girls & # 39; The photograph shows the situation of the leak that police received through police seizures. NewSise (Delivered by SuSeo Police Station in Seoul) As a result, it was revealed that the sisters noted in the memorandum the correct answer for the last term in the first term of the second term.

In addition, there was a trace of a very small list of correct answers as memorized in the sister's test papers. In the case of physical subjects, there was a list of correct answers to the test paper, but there were no traces of calculation to solve the problem.

The digital forensic analysis also confirmed that the sister's cell phone notes that the answer to the English narrative problem in the first semester of the second term of the second class is recorded. It was written before the test. The police suspect that a new test map of the calculator from her sister's home has leaked in advance.

But A and his sister denied all costs in the police investigation. Mr. A replied that he did not know about data that showed the circumstances of the problem, and sister stated that he worked hard to improve his grades. As for the list of correct answers to the test, he denied that he "wrote notes for points".[19659010;

Mr. A declared that he did not register his overtime work on the day of his / her stay on the day of the interim report and the exam in the office, as he had left early than usual when he worked overtime.

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