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[사회]Step 2.5 upgrade … Karaoke, paragliding and academy are closed


Schools and classrooms are banned … “Minimize student movements on holiday”
Multi-use facility, disposition of ‘no grouping’ even if you break the quarantine rules
Sporting event, 2nd stage 10% → 2.5 stage ‘no spectators’ progress
Mask, indoor / outdoor mandatory wear that is difficult to keep 2m distance

[앵커]As the social distance in the metropolitan region has been upgraded to 2.5 stages, indoor sports facilities such as gyms and paragliding courses, academies and karaoke rooms are also closed one after the other.

Public administration facilities such as the March and PC rooms are also prohibited from operating after 21:00, and the number of people who can gather at weddings and funerals is also limited to less than 50 people.

Reporter Ahn Yoon-hak, the 2.5-step quarantine rules that apply to the metropolitan region, are summarized.

[기자]It is recommended that you stay at home as much as possible, as the increase in social distancing by 2.5 steps means that Corona 19 has become a national epidemic.

The operation of indoor sports facilities, including karaoke rooms and gyms and billiard halls, will cease at all and door-to-door direct sales centers will also have to be closed.

Academies and teaching centers, excluding universities related to entrance exams and careers, have also been added to the group ban.

Initially, it was not subject to a ban on operation in step 2.5, but special measures were taken to minimize students’ movement on holiday.

Mart, department store, PC room and cinema are also closed after 21:00.

Events with more than 50 people are completely prohibited, which limits the number of people gathered at weddings or funerals to less than 50 people.

The One Strike Out system is applied to these measures, so if a multi-use facility violates the quarantine rules at least once, it will be subject to a collective ban.

Schools must meet less than one-third of the density, and more than one-third of employees are recommended to work from home.

Religious activities are limited to 20 people or less, and it is recommended to limit bookings to 50% or less for KTX or highway buses.

Sports events that could have received 10% of the spectators in stage 2 can only be played without spectators.

Masks have already been mandated indoors from step 2 and must be worn outdoors in step 2.5 where it is difficult to keep a distance of 2 meters.

However, there are concerns that the effect of such distance improvement will be limited.

[김윤 /서울대 의대 의료관리학과 교수 : (감염재생산지수를) 1.4에서 우리가 그것을 1.0으로 낮추기를 기대하는 건 현재 상황으로 봐서는 비현실적인 것 같고요. 예를 들면 1.3이냐 1.2 정도로는 낮출 수 있을 것 같은데. (사회적 거리두기의 효과만으로는.) 시간의 문제지만 결국 천 명, 2천 명 가는 건 올겨울 내 우리가 예측할 수밖에 없는 상황이기 때문에….]

Experts point out that complementary measures, such as strengthening epidemiological investigations and strengthening countermeasures for plant management infections, should be implemented simultaneously.

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