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"If you're defeating G2 Esports ……" Season 8 champion G2 Esports Pengu card interview 【Season 8】 – "Rainbow Six Siege" Famitsu.com special place

Release date: 2018-11-19 22: 05: 00

Local time "Rainbow Six Siege" professional league season 8 final held 17-17 November 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The main competition will be world championship where the two major teams in professional league played in Europe, Latin America, North America, the APAC region participated, World Cup 8 will be decided. From Japan, the Nara Association will participate. The rematch with Rogue who fought during the season 7 quarterfinals won a brilliant 2-1. Despite meeting Rogue's revenge, the semi-final FaZe Clan team failed to communicate smoothly within the team and was defeated by 2-0. Nevertheless, I got the best result of APAC for the first time.

The season's 8 finals became G2 Esports vs FaZe Clan, which is said to be the strongest. I think the FaZe Clan who revived the roster and played the resurrection exploded with the local Brazil's call and breaks G2 Espors, it also breaks down the world's strongest name G2 Esports, the result is 2-0 G 2 Esports There is a victory. After Six Invirtational in 2018, Six Major Paris won his victory in the pro league season 8.

【Schedule · Results summary is here → https: // appvs.famitsu.com/20181025_14555/】

▲ G2 Esports who defeated the Brazilian team FaZe Clan is said to be the winning candidate in the overwhelming place. To be alive or strengthen — "I can not imagine the tactics to win G2 Esports," he said. "It's a game content that will embrace the worry that" team to beat G2 Esports will pop up "from now on. It's enough to make ESL of the professional league ready.

From here we will deliver an interview by G2 Esport's Pengu player after the victory. How did pengu players who are popular all over the world see the Nara Association? In addition, I also hit a blown question like "defeating G2 Esports".

The other party feared G2 and it made us stronger †


– The last game The FaZe Clan game represented a long game on the 3rd map, but in fact, the G2 Esports was still a good one. The other map was a victory, but how was fighting fighting and fighting?

PenguIt was not an easy victory when you went through the whole. Certainly, the coast of the other map is easy to do, because it has confidence, but the first maps beaches became quite tormented. Team mate It worked well for individual individual achievements to be measured and believed on each other,To be honest, I thought it was very scary and it was not easy.

– In Season 7 last, Six Major Parid, there was also a baptized dop game. Especially despite the fact that the 7th season season was held in the United States, Brazilian team support was amazing and G2 Espots actually lost Team Liquid's explosive power. I think I also felt the pressure in the neighborhood this time, but it seemed as if I was used to the past.

PenguI have confidence in Season 7 and this year's six major PAris, I'm more confident than before. In addition, we seemed to be afraid of our opponents, I think we could benefit from the fear of the other party. I think the other party was afraid of us G2 Esports and I think it made us strong.


It is said that it is not possible to see the tactics to defeat G2 Esports at home. If you are not a G2 Esports player, how do you like to kill G2 Esports?

PenguI think it's worthless if you're mentally scared. More than anything, to play "your own game". In the semi-final FaZe Clan game, if the Nara Association played games that they wanted to do, it was probably a third girl
But I think it was taken. I think Evil Geniuses, Team Secret and Nara Association are the best teams now.

– Please tell us your impression about Nara Association's game this time.

PenguIn the last three tournaments, I prefer to speak with the Nara Association. I also played in the tournament called RAGE. When I saw this success, I felt that I grew to be the 5 best and top 6 teams in the world.

– Finally, send a message to the Japanese fans community.

PenguAlthough I lived in Japan with RAGE, I got a very crazy and valuable experience. There is a wonderful fan base in Japan. The Nara Association showed its soul role in this tournament. I think Wokka is a sophisticated player. Thanks!

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