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3D bioprinting is first commercialized with the cornea! Introduction plan for eye banking planning | Nico Nico news

3D bioprinting is expected as a technique to complement the body's tissue that is not sufficient for organ transplantation. However, it seems that it takes longer to develop techniques for 3D printing of complex organizational structures, including blood vessels and nerves.

In this respect, the cornea is relatively simple in structure, things that 3D-printed can be commercialized shortly.

Develop 3D bioprinting technology for medical use Precise Bio appears to plan to introduce 3D bioprinter to the eye bank.

– Skin and bone pressures as well

3D bioprinting technology is a field in which research on different organs can be advanced, such as skin printing, transplanting it to a burned patient, printing a bone and completing a defect.

Since the cornea does not contain blood vessels and nerves it is satisfactory as a material and there is a possibility that it will be the first practical application in 3D biography.

Because the printed structure consists of cells and fibers, it is also safer than transplanting foreign matter in the body. If an abnormality is detected in the experimental step, it is also possible to see the reaction by removing a specific layer.

· In 3D biotryers, ink fibers are cells and fibers

Precise Bios 3D bioprinter has cartridges like epithelial cells and collagen, and upon printing, we will build up materials that are compatible with these living bodies.

Thereafter, the printed cornea is cultured for 10 to 14 days so that the cell and fiber are combined to form a tissue.

Precise Bio has already done animal experiments and works with it for human experiments. However, it is necessary to further improve the safety of testing the cornea in humans.

It is estimated that there are 10 million people in the world who suffer from corneal disorders. For those who need these corneas, the technology will be expected to be commercialized at an early stage.

Source: Corneas may be the first major application of bioprinting / IEEE Spectrum

3D bioprinting is first commercialized with the cornea! Introduction to the eye bank

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